This week’s top 3 must-see DVDs |

This week’s top 3 must-see DVDs

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This week’s top 3 must-see DVDsKnow that feeling when you get to the rental store and you can’t remember the movie that you wanted to see oh-so-badly? Well, tear this out and take it with you here’s our staffers’ list of movies that scratch the cinematic itch.1. All The President’s Men: The name “Deep Throat” has been a famous part of the Watergate scandal ever since this 1974 movie made the mysterious man famous. On May 31 Mark Felt declared he was Deep Throat, so we had a blast going back through the Deep Throat scenes in the movie to see if we could find any clues to his identity. This movie, by the way, has a slow-release kind of intensity not often found in today’s movies. Check it out and educate yourself.2. Beyond the Sea: It was Kevin Spacey’s life-dream to make this movie (hard-to-believe but true) about Bobby Darin, the popular musician who charmed prom-goers in the ’60s and sang revolution songs in the ’70s. Spacey was born to play the role and it’s obvious when you watch the movie. Not only is his acting superb according to most critics, but some people have hinted that Spacey sings Darin’s songs better than he did.3. Be Cool: The sequel to 1995’s Get Shorty follows main character Chili Palmer’s (John Travolta) move out of the movie biz and into the music biz. Chile hooks up with a music executive (Uma Thurman) to promote the up-and-coming career of a young talent (Cristina Milan). This movie seems to be catering to fans of Pulp Fiction (the trailer ended with a scene of John and Uma dancing in a restaurant la the famous scene at Jackrabbit Slim’s), but fans of Get Shorty will be the ones to appreciate the hip humor. VT

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