This week’s top 5 must-see DVDs |

This week’s top 5 must-see DVDs

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Know that feeling when you get to the rental store and you can’t remember the movie that you wanted to see oh-so-badly? Well, tear this out and take it with you here’s some goofy movies you may have forgotten about.1. Naked Gun: Probably the best known spoof has Leslie Nielsen playing bumbling cop Frank Drebin. From ridiculously over-the-top visual gags (such as wearing giant condoms), to tongue-in-cheek lines like, “Say, nice beaver,” Pricilla Presley and Nielson know how to deliver brilliantly stupid lines.2. Airplane!: It might not have started the genre, but Airplane is probably the best. Parodying the “Airport” disaster movies of the ’70s, Airplane stars a flashback-prone Vietnam vet by the name of Ted Striker, who has an unusual drinking problem. He’s attempting to save a stricken jumbo jet and his tattered romance at the same time. We love Lloyd Bridges’ addictive-air-traffic-controller-cracking-under-the-pressure character, and Leslie Nielsen’s straight-faced doctor’s immortal line, “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.” Airplane doesn’t so much deliver on every level, as bulldoze through your consciousness in a roar of laughter and silliness.3. Top Secret!: Criminally underrated and unknown, Top Secret is one of spoof cinema’s finest offerings. A fresh-faced Val Kilmer plays a ’50s American rock star sent to East Germany to play a concert. But he becomes involved with woman on the run from the secret police and through her, the French Resistance. Ignore the obvious plot holes and let this spoof of WWII movies and Elvis flicks wash over you. Then watch it again and laugh at all the bits you missed the first time.4. Hot Shots!: If ever there was a film that needed to be spoofed it had to be Top Gun. Hotshots takes it to pieces as Charlie Sheen’s unstable fighter pilot is called back into action to help carry out an important mission. Father issues, girlfriend competition, the death of his close friend and a hilarious closing dog-fight scene place Hotshots in the top five.5. Blazing Saddles: Mel Brooks’ 1974 spoof of cowboy movies was as groundbreaking as it was funny. Poking fun at the racism prevalent in ’70s westerns takes back seat to gag after gag as a black laborer is appointed sheriff and spends the rest of the movie avoiding death from a band of ruffians and trying to make friends with an extremely unfriendly and wary local populace who are being driven out of their frontier town by a corrupt politician.

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