This week’s top 5 must-see Party DVDs |

This week’s top 5 must-see Party DVDs

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Can’t afford to pay a $200 cover charge to hang out at a bar in Vail on New Year’s Eve? Are you a bit of a recluse and not into ringing in the New Year at a party? Why not check out our movie suggestions below; they contain some of the best party scenes of all time!1. Weird Science: Teen nerds Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (IIan Mitchell Smith) are this movie’s enormous geeks. They’re sick of being ignored by girls, abused by the cool jocks, and hanging out every Friday night with just each other. So they create a hot chick with big boobs and a comparable I.Q. to make themselves cooler and their lives better. During their party a motorcycle gang literally crashes the party when they burst into the living room – but it’s no worries, ’cause the girl with the boobs clean up!2. Animal House: Faber College is home to one particular frat house (the Delta house) that is so disresputable it will take anyone. At the other end of the spectrum is the sanctimonious, all-white, wealthy frat house. Therein lies the conflict for this 1978 classic. You might remember the party scene for which we picked this film: does “Toga Party” ring any bells?3. Dazed and Confused: School’s out for summer….or is that winter break? Either way, life is always happy when this movie is playing. For a full two-hours, life is just one big party. If you’re particularly brave, have a cold beverage in hand and drink every time Mitch Kramer (played by Wiley Wiggins wow, tough break on the name) pinches the bridge of his nose. You’ll either be seriously tipsy, or you’ll really have to pee, or probably both.4. Risky Business: Tom Cruise slides around in this movie without his pants on. If you’re looking for more than this to be convinced to see the film, well, than you must be a straight male. This party scene is a bit different than our previous selections, mostly because it features hookers. Tommy boy tries to raise the funds necessary to fix his ‘rents car (the one that takes a swim in the lake) before they get home.5. Back to School: Oingo boingo is in this movie. Need we say more? Well, there is still some room left, so the answer is yes. Rodney Dangerfield is a rich guy that throws down for a party like he couldn’t back when he was a poor, starving college kid. It’s classic Dangerfield and that’s why we love it. VT

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