Thomas H. Kirk, Jr.: Demand more from our leaders |

Thomas H. Kirk, Jr.: Demand more from our leaders

Thomas H. Kirk, Jr.

My purpose is to express my concern about the current state of our country. I feel strongly that we are going in the wrong direction ” that our leaders have failed to deal with major issues that face America. Worst of all, I feel that I am nearly powerless to do something about our situation. But, this letter is a start!

In less than a year we will have a presidential election. I do not care what political party you support, nor am I interested in partisan politics. My effort here is to identify eight major issues that are intensely important to our country in the years ahead. They are:

1. Immigration ” How will we control our borders and what are we to do about illegal persons coming into the country?

2. Iraq War “What solution is in the best long-term interest for the U.S.A.?

3. Health care ” How can we fix our system within sustainable costs?

4. Terrorism ” What is the best way to defend our way of life against radical Islamic terrorists? What should be our long-range goals?

5. Education ” What measures do we have to take to ensure that our system is the world’s best?

6. Military ” How will we modernize our armed forces and provide them the manpower, equipment and training to meet world-wide commitments?

7. Tort Reform ” Our legal system needs reforms. Indiscriminate legal action has become routine, creating unnecessary costs to many people.

8. Energy ” How can we best become energy self-sufficient as a nation?

Certainly there are other significant issues, but the above list involves every one of us, and is a start. Add whatever you see fit, but get involved and help get results.

Recall that our constitution begins with “WE THE PEOPLE …,” a phrase put in by our founding fathers for a reason ” that reason being the right and the personal responsibility to cast votes to elect our leaders. From this comes our power as citizens. We must act wisely, know the issues and vote. We must demand solutions rather than promises from those we elect to serve if we are to move this country forward in this 21st century.

During the year ahead we will be bombarded by newspaper and magazine articles, by television debates and political rallies, and by candidates, as they try to win our votes. I urge you, whenever and wherever you get the opportunity, to bring up these issues and demand answers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope it strikes a chord within you.

Thomas H. Kirk. Jr. is a retired Air Force pilot and a Vail resident.

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