Thousands of residents owed money |

Thousands of residents owed money

Tamara Miller

EAGLE COUNTY – More than 6,000 Eagle County residents and business have a nice surprise waiting for them at the state Treasurer’s Office: Money. The state’s Unclaimed Property division has about $109 million in state tax refunds, overpaid property taxes and similar items waiting to be claimed by a half-million people and businesses in Colorado. And to think, the department returns only about $10 million of it every year, despite the fact that state officials send out letters to notify people.”Sometimes we have to convince people to sign the letter so they can get the money back to them,” said Patty White, director of the state’s Unclaimed Property office. “It sometimes is a real challenge to get people to respond to us.”The Treasurer’s Office also has paychecks that were never cashed, insurance claim checks, bonds that are ready to be paid out and unclaimed safety deposit boxes, White said. Most of the money owed to people is about $50 or $60. But there are checks for as much as $200,000 that haven’t been collected, she said. It takes about five years for any unclaimed money to make its way to the Treasurer’s Office. Unclaimed paychecks are sent over within a year, White said.”Even a great big company can have unclaimed property,” White said. “They don’t know it’s coming, there’s money that gets lost in the system.”Most of the larger companies check with the Treasurer’s Office annually for refunds, she added. ===========================================Eagle Countians can find out if they are owed money by calling the state Treasurer’s Office, or by logging on to They can also contact the Eagle County Treasurer’s Office. ==========================================Staff Writer Tamara Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 607, or, Colorado

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