Three artists visit Beaver Creek galleries |

Three artists visit Beaver Creek galleries

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Paderewski Fine Art and next-door gallery Walt Horton Fine Art in Beaver Creek hosts three artists Friday through Sunday. David Jackson, Don Hamilton and Kyle Paliotto will all be painting at the galleries.

After teaching high school art for 27 years, Jackson retired to pursue his full-time painting career. Although he is well known for his accurate depictions of wildlife and western landscapes, His richly colored, impressionistic style has afforded him the opportunity of showing his work in private collections and shows throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He receives inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of his home and studio in Mountain Green, Utah.

A Colorado native, Hamilton’s desire to work from life and to vary his subject matter led him to branch out into other areas and, most importantly, to begin painting outside, “en plein air.

The exhilaration of standing face-to-face with the subject, challenged by the changing light, unpredictable weather and the need to distill the scene down to its essence continue to be the motivation that drives him to venture out in all types of weather.

“Painting from life, especially outside on location, is critical in learning to see colors, understand value relationships and capture the unique feel of the subject that photographs cannot,” said Hamilton who is a member of the Oil Painters of America.

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After studies in California, and inspiring trips to Mexico City, Paliotto continues to produce old-world sophistication in today’s landscape and animal scenes.

“I see the old masters, Russian Impressionism, and highly respectable traditional qualities in Kyle’s work. It has a historical presence reminiscent of all the greats,” said gallery associate, Leigh Ann Van Fossan.

Paliotto has been juried into several regional and national shows. He is influenced greatly by the late masters Frans Hals, John Singer Sargent, William Merritt Chase, Ilya Repin, Nicolai Fechin and Antonio Mancini.

Paderewski Fine Art and Walt Horton Fine Art are located in Beaver Creek, on the Plaza level of the Hyatt, across from the ice rink. Call 970-949-6036 or visit and for more information.

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