Three children, man found dead following trailer fire near Phoenix |

Three children, man found dead following trailer fire near Phoenix

PEORIA, Ariz. – Flames engulfed a mobile home in a suburb west of Phoenix early Wednesday, killing an infant, two other children and a man, police said.The children’s mother discovered the fire when she returned home shortly after 1 a.m., said Mike Tellef, a spokesman for the Peoria Police Department. The man killed was the woman’s boyfriend and the father of the two youngest children.”Apparently when she got back to the house and found the house on fire, she tried to break a window to get in to the kids and had suffered some minor cuts to one of her arms,” Tellef said.The woman was treated at a local hospital, he said.The trailer was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived, Tellef said. Officials said it was too early to determine the cause of the blaze.Neighbor Susan Wallis said she woke up to popping sounds, got up to look and saw flames through the trailer’s windows. The mother, Jessie Salas, 32, pulled up at about the same time, she said.”She pulled up and started honking her horn, screaming “my babies are in there,”‘ Wallis said. “She was running around, hitting all the windows, trying anything she could to wake them up.”Wallis said she tried to get into the trailer but failed.”I opened the front door, and the smoke hit me in the face,” Wallis said. “There was no way I could get in.”The children were identified as Gabriel Sartan Salas, a 9-month-old boy; brother Eban Sartan Salas, 6; and their sister, Alexis Salas, 9.Peoria Fire Marshal Howard Munding said two of the children were found in bed and one in the hallway. The body of 28-year old Matt Sartan was also found in the hallway.Vail, Colorado

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