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Three is the magic number

Gabrie Higbie
Special to the Daily/Triple 5 Soul Triple 5 Soul caters to men as much as women.

I have a confession. I have been having a love affair, starting long before I was married or had a child. This affair began one day on Lafayette St. in NYC with an ex-boyfriend. He was in the record biz and had heard of a store that housed the coolest in underground hip-hop fashion. It was 1997, and the store had just opened. We walked in to the tiny shop, and immediately I fell in love. Not with the boyfriend, with the brand – Triple 5 Soul. And I’ve had a serious crush ever since. I bought my first hoodie that day: grey with baby blue felt numbers on the front proudly announcing “555” on the right side and “Soul” on the left. I still have it, a testament to craftsmanship, style and love. The elbows are non existent, the zipper is broken. But like all first loves, this one will die hard. I refuse to let it go.

Triple 5 Soul became my benchmark for fashion. The brand was relatively new at the time, not even 10 years old. But I I could tell by the simple, yet edgy design, Triple 5 Soul was going places, and I wanted to go right along with it. I had planted myself in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Triple 5 Soul had the same penchant for the area. It eventually moved its headquarters there, making me fall even harder. I gave myself an annual hoodie budget, but then I discovered the bags – FUGHEDDABOUTIT.

Soul carrierI have traveled the world with my Triple 5 Soul bags, three to be exact, and the irony is not lost on me. They have never let me down in comfort, design or style. One is sleek gray, thin almost satiny – complete with a cell phone holder and red satin lining. This bag served as my go-to for many years. It was label conscious without being conspicuous, unless you were in the know. I have one canvas backpack that is army green. My favorite is orange convertible. Constructed out of ripstop nylon with ample pocket space, it converts from a waist pack to a shoulder bag to a back pack.

Not just style, a way of lifeTriple 5 Soul is special not only for design, but its fabrics and textiles. For example, I have a hoodie that is light blue, has orange and brown stripes down the sleeves, a velvet emblem on the front and the piece de resistance – a satin lining to the hood. The hoodie taken to the next level. It’s glamorous, casual and stylish all at the same time.

“Triple 5 Soul mixes a palette of fabrics that are classic to the brand like canvases and nylons with a degree of items that we think will be trending well in specific seasons,” said Ben Velez, a marketer with Triple 5 Soul. The designs, he said, come from the “collective experiences/ inspirations from street art, music, culture and fashion.” In order to fully appreciate Triple 5 Soul, you must appreciate art and fashion because it blends the two seamlessly. In fact, according to Velez, “T5S works with a tremendous amount of music and art people all day everyday.” Triple 5 Soul is not just a style, it’s a way of life. And the brand has taught that fashion, in general, is less about style and more about art, music and design.

Unfortunately, Triple 5 Soul is tough to find locally. You can shop on their web site at, but it’s limited. It is worthy of a trip to Denver or Aspen. Gabrie Higbie is a freelance writer based in Edwards. Read her fashion blog on

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