Three new faces elected to Minturn Town Council |

Three new faces elected to Minturn Town Council

Matt Scherr.
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By the numbers:

Minturn Mayor

Hawkeye Flaherty: 99 votes

Matt Scherr: 116 votes (elected mayor)

Minturn Town Council

Johnie Rosenfeld: 53 votes

George Brodin: 89 votes

Harvey Craig: 132 (elected to council)

Sidney Harrington: 163 votes (elected to council)

Terry Armistead: 189 votes (elected to council)

MINTURN — When the Town Council is sworn in at Wednesday night’s meeting at Town Hall, there will be three new council members and a fresh face sitting at the mayor’s seat for the first time in 16 years.

Minturn residents voted Matt Scherr mayor with 116 votes against Hawkeye Flaherty’s 99 votes. Newcomers Terry Armistead (189 votes), Sidney Harrington (163 votes) and Harvey Craig (132 votes) earned seats on the council while George Brodin (89 votes) and Johnie Rosenfeld’s (53 votes) time on the council has come to an end.

“I think this kind of vote really reflects the energy and excitement in Minturn for what the future’s going to be,” said Scherr, who was celebrating with his family at home on Tuesday night. “Everybody I talked to had said Hawk’s been great, and that’s what I said, too. But it’s just an idea that we need to get some different perspective and change of ideas.”

The key issue everyone in town is talking about is the South Minturn Exchange.

“There’s a lot of challenges because we do want to continue to grow and prosper, but at the same time at what expense?” asked Vicky Trujillo, a lifetime resident of Minturn. “There’s a very fine line there.”

With Shelly Belm not running again and Earle Bidez’s term still ongoing, there is still work to be done to fill the council. Scherr’s previous seat on the council is now vacant and will be appointed by the new council, and councilmember Jason Osborne may be moving to Hawaii, so his seat would need to be filled if that happens, too.

“I consider it an honor,” Harrington said of being elected to office for the first time. “Since I moved to the community, I’ve made a lot of friends and become involved in the community, and I just feel like I have a good sense of what my fellow constituents are looking for with the future of Minturn.”

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