Three square meals: Eagle County locals dish on their favorite meals around town |

Three square meals: Eagle County locals dish on their favorite meals around town

Sarah MausolfVail, CO, Colorado
AE 3 Sq Meals Bobs TS 11-26-07

Breakfast: Avon Bakery and Deli, AvonThe meal: Breakfast burrito. Its one of the only places you can get a chorizo burrito in this whole valley.Lunch: Bobs Place, AvonThe meal: Mexican grilled chicken sandwich. Its not very expensive for a restaurant meal. Its pretty substantial. A little spicy.Dinner: May Palace Restaurant, West VailThe meal: Mongolian beef. Its just a gigantic plate of food. Its $12 and its enough for two or three people.

Breakfast: Carniceria Tepic, AvonThe meal: Breakfast burrito with chorizo. Its authentic and its fresh. Its the opposite of fast food.Lunch: Swiss Hot Dog, AvonThe meal: Triple dog. The (owner) is a character and its just good quality meat. Its not something you eat every day but when you crave it, nothing can replace it.Dinner: Masatos Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar, AvonThe meal: Othersider (roll). Its tuna, yellowtail, avocado and spicy scallop and its just the bomb.

Breakfast: Smiling Moose Deli, EdwardsThe meal: Gore Ranger Wrap. Its quick. I can call in there and theyll have it ready to pick up. Its healthy and it fills me up and sorts me out for the morning.Lunch: Larkburger, EdwardsThe meal: Larkurger with swiss cheese and the truffle fries. Its a nice alternative to fast food, which I despise.Dinner: Sato Sushi, EdwardsThe meal: Spicy tuna rolls. Just the combination of flavor and the quality of the fish is really tough to beat.

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