Three square meals in Eagle County |

Three square meals in Eagle County

HL 3-square meals KA 09-10-08

Breakfast: The Bookworm, Edwards

The meal: “The Jungle crepe. It’s vegetarian and flavorful.”

Lunch: Sato Sushi, Edwards

The meal: “Edamame, miso soup and tempura. Salty, yummy and healthy.”

Dinner: Balata, Edwards

The meal: Salad with goat cheese, artichoke hearts and dates. So yummy. Both the food and the view is nourishing.”

Breakfast: Columbine Bakery and Cafe, Avon

The meal: “Their breakfast sandwich. It tastes good.”

Lunch: Masato’s Restaurant, Avon

The meal: “Seaweed salad and sushi. It’s high-quality food.”

Dinner: Vin 48, Avon

The meal: “All the small plates. A lot of variety. I like variety.”

Breakfast: Route 6 Cafe, Eagle-Vail

The meal: “Eggs benedict with salmon. It’s a full meal. I love the hollandaise sauce and I’m kind of partial to the salmon. I like the combination.”

Lunch: Larkburger, Edwards

The meal: “Their tuna burger… It’s an unusual burger at a decent price and it’s very tasty. The sauce is really tasty.”

Dinner: Dish Restaurant, Edwards

The meal: “The chef meal. It’s one price and you don’t know what you’re getting. Everything is in a tapas form. Small, tasty portions. Unusual flavors.”

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