Three square meals in Eagle County |

Three square meals in Eagle County

HL 3 Sqr Meals Chophouse DT 9-17-08

Breakfast: Avon Bakery and Deli, Avon

The meal: “The breakfast bagel sandwich. Just nice and filling for the ski slopes usually, or the river.”

Lunch: Agave, Avon

The meal: “Mahi fish tacos. Just a real good, almost healthy alternative. Filling.”

Dinner: Sato Sushi, Edwards

The meal: “Philly roll. I’m a Philly guy.”

Breakfast: Turntable Restaurant, Minturn

The meal: “The little Boos burrito. I like anything that I can put green chili on, and they have the best green chili in town.”

Lunch: The Gashouse, Edwards

The meal: “Buffalo burger. Thick and juicy and cooked just the way I like it.”

Dinner: Vail Chophouse, Vail

The meal: “German sausage plate. I really like the horseradish applesauce spread.”

Breakfast: Turntable Restaurant, Minturn

The meal: “The baby Boos. I like it because they have really good green chili.”

Lunch: Smiling Moose Deli, Edwards

The meal: “Tomato basil soup. It’s the best I’ve ever had anywhere.”

Dinner: ZaccaZa!, Avon

The meal: “Ravioli with vodka sauce. I just really like the sauce… Until I discovered that, I can tell you I really didn’t like ravioli. That changed my mind.”

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