Three square meals in Eagle County |

Three square meals in Eagle County

HL 3 Sqr Meals Avondale DT 9-24-08

Breakfast: Avondale, Avon

The meal: “I had their sausage gravy on biscuits. The biscuits are really flaky and the sausage gravy isn’t too heavy.”

Lunch: Columbine Bakery, Avon

The meal: “The beef bourguignon. It’s a really hearty lunch but without being too much. The meat is really tender.”

Dinner: Masato’s, Avon

The meal: “We like to get edamame and the gyoza and unagi, fresh water eel and California rolls and hamachi. It’s just fun and different.”

Breakfast: Smiling Moose Deli, Edwards

The meal: “The egg wrapped in a tortilla because I like the eggs.”

Lunch: Columbine Bakery, Avon

The meal: “The egg sandwich. It’s yummy.”

Dinner: Paddy’s Sports Bar and Grill, Eagle-Vail

The meal: “Pizza because they make a really good cheese on it.”

Breakfast: Westside Cafe and Market, West Vail

The meal: “Their standard locals’ breakfast is delicious, I think. It’s well made.”

Lunch: Avon Bakery and Deli, Avon

The meal: “Their chicken focaccia with avocados, modified (with) chipo(tle) mayo with onion and tomato and cheddar cheese. It brings the most flavors together.”

Dinner: Juniper, Edwards

The meal: “Their cheeseburger is great. (I like) the realness of it. It’s right on target.”

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