Three weeks in just five days |

Three weeks in just five days

Randy Wyrick

KATHMANDU – It was Sushil Shrestha who led us through the maze of the Nepalese bureaucracy with amazing speed and efficiency.We arrived in Kathmandu ready to spend hours, days and weeks waiting at government offices. Once you’re in Nepal, it’s not uncommon to spend three to four weeks wading through the adoption process, on top of the year or so you’ve already spent dealing with the U.S. government, which is no picnic.Sushil floated through the long lines like a ghost ship, arriving at the front like it was his natural habitat. Sushil and his wife Sushila, and Shanti and Shyam Shrestha who own the Narayan’s Nepal restaurant in Avon, and dozens of others were, and remain our guardian angels. By keeping quiet and doing as we were told, it took us five days to finish what usually takes at least three weeks.

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