Through the looking glass |

Through the looking glass

Don Rogers

The joke outside looking in on Vail is how many elections on a single issue are needed? The answer: one more. Always one more. They might change their minds again.Last fall, the voters removed incumbent Town Council members precisely for their failure to approve a plan to rebuild the aging Crossroads. A few months later, a group aims to collect signatures to scare up an election on the project. They figure you’ll sign about anything with a little fear.The exaggerations sure sound familiar. Perhaps we should just get used to this in our election campaigns. It’s just that the opposition in the Crossroads case is being remarkably wacky.The building is too tall at the tallest center point at 99 feet. OK. So why will neighboring buildings be TALLER without all the accompanying hand-wringing?The decision was “rammed” through? At two years and counting? Special development districts are a big ol’ problem even though they are routine? 1960s zoning is more relevant than a 1990s master plan?No “public amenities.” Yet the town has extracted more of these than any similar project, including those that will wind up with bigger buildings?Ohmygodwhatwillhappeninthevillagecore? Never mind that Crossroads is on the Frontage Road with the other bigger buildings and this project has zero to do with the village core. And on and on and … How dumb do the petition seekers think Vail’s voters really are? And: Are they right?Vail, Colorado

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