Thursday’s sports quick takes |

Thursday’s sports quick takes

TB to TB

Tom Brady is waving goodbye to New England and hello to Tampa Bay.
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Tom Brady is no longer a Patriot. That’s hard to absorb.

But Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady? That hurts the brain.

It’s going to be an adjustment, to say the least, but for the sake of everything holy, Tampa has to return to the creamsicle uniforms. Tom Brady must wear the bright orange.

As jarring as the concept for TB12 leaving New England, we’re skeptical of how this is going to work on the field. Brady has left his Bill Belichick-ian cocoon as well as an automatic playoff spot in the AFC East, though he will have better receivers than he had in Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin — and possibly Antonio Brown?

Speaking of Lord Hoodie, the rumors are that Cam Newton or Andy Dalton will be in New England this fall. The Denver Post is even speculating about Joe Flacco to the Pats. (This would be too good to be true for Pats-haters.)

Can the Bucs’ o-line keep the 43-year-old — his birthday is in August — upright? Will Father Time catch up to Brady? He was looking a little elderly last season.

However, it works out — Brady. Must Wear. Creamsicles.

The Broncos

Chris Harris Jr. is now a Los Angeles Charger, so the Broncos signed A.J. Bouye from Jacksonville as the team’s new corner. Also on defense, Denver picked up tackle Jurell Casey. He’s in because the Broncos expect to lose both Derek Wolfe and Shelby Harris to free agency.

On the offensive line, say goodbye to Connor McGovern (Jets) and Ron Leary (option declined) and hello to Graham Glasgow from Detroit. Glasgow looks like he’ll play right guard. Cool.

But what about left tackle? Please tell us the Broncos are not picking up the option on Garett Bowles. At least an orange traffic cone at LT won’t be called for holding.

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