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Time for Favre to make up his mind

Vail Daily Editorial Board

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the Days of our Favre.

The soap opera of Green Bay Packers quarterback ” or maybe not ” Brett Favre has been playing out on our television screens for the last few years. For those living on Mars or perhaps fans with those Styrofoam cheese hats Packers fans wear wedged too deeply in their ears, Favre has been on the verge of retiring for several years. He finally did so in March. With his long-awaited retirement, the Packers tabbed Aaron Rodgers, drafted in 2005, as his replacement.

Except …. from the day Favre retired, there were rumblings that he was having second thoughts. And last week, No. 4 applied for re-instatement with the NFL.

Green Bay, however, has spent the entire offseason dealing with the departure of Favre and readying Rodgers to play. Now the Pack wants this situation to go away.

In fact, we’d all like this to go away. But since Favre doesn’t have the class to make a decision and stick with it, here’s the way out:

– Thursday, ESPN reported that Green Bay was willing to pay Favre $20 million to stay retired. Huh? Let him play. Yep, pick up the phone and say, “Welcome back, Brett.” The notion of the Packers, who have Favre under contract for three more years, starting rookie quarterback Rodgers, while a future Hall of Famer can still play is just silly.

It stinks for Rodgers, a promising QB out of Cal, but enjoy your clipboard. In the days of NFL parity, there really is no building for the future. From a sports point of view, the Packers, who lost the NFC Championship game in overtime in January, are an immediate Super Bowl contender this season with Favre. With Favre throwing touchdown passes and the Packers winning games, all will be forgotten quickly, and best of all, Favre finishes his career in Green Bay green-and-gold as he should.

– Trade him. Green Bay can’t release him because the Minnesota Vikings would pick him up in around 2.4 seconds. You do not want your old QB playing in your division, not to mention in the season-opener at Lambeau Field against the Packers on Monday Night Football.

Whatever course Green Bay takes, we just hope it happens soon. This saga has gone on way too long.

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