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Time for golf, Moab or spring cleaning for Vail Valley residents

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS offseason biking KA 4-30-11

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – It’s not even mud season yet as far as the weather goes, so it’s easy to imagine why some people get the blues this time of year.

What is there to do? The ski resorts are closed, and the snow hasn’t even let up enough to get the bikes out for a day.

“There’s not too much to really do,” said Kristina Kuzmich, a local yoga instructor. “A month ago people were biking all the time, it was beautiful out, but now a lot of people are just getting out of town.”

For some, “out of town” means simply heading downvalley for some golf. That’s what Derek Pappas, of Vail, has been doing recently – playing some of the downvalley golf courses while the upvalley courses continue to get buried in snow.

This past weekend he went a little farther, to Grand Junction, to play golf.

“The lifts are closed at Vail and Beaver Creek and I’m just a little beat up and tired from skiing all winter,” Pappas said. “I’m just ready for some sunshine and some dry weather, and it sounds like all the (golf) courses on the Western Slope are dry and in good shape.”

Pappas knows he’s not alone in feeling this way. He played the Gypsum Creek Golf Course about two or three weeks ago and said there were quite a few Vail locals down there.

“Almost every season, you just get to the point where you’re done,” Pappas said. “It’s time to put on flip-flops and sun your feet.”

Steve Klehfoth, of Edwards, said he’s tired of the gloom and went to Moab for the weekend.

“I decided on a whim that I would just go and get away from the cold and snow, which is going to be everywhere in Colorado this weekend.”

Kuzmich laughs at all the recent snowfall, especially as she tries to teach about spring renewal in her yoga classes.

“It’s kind of hard with the weather,” Kuzmich said.

Even professional snowboarders like Will Spilo, of Vail, agree that the snow down in the valley is starting to get old. He hopes it continues to snow up high, though.

Vail Recreation District Marketing Director Jamie Gunion said she typically heads to Fruita as fast as possible this time of year to bike, but the weather there hasn’t been ideal, either.

“So, it’s a lot of spring cleaning, relaxing and watching the clouds,” Gunion said.

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