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Time Machine: 10 years ago, Mikaela Shiffrin earns her first World Cup win

Eagle County local Mikaela Shiffrin en route to her first World Cup win at a night slalom event in Are, Sweden, Dec. 20, 2012.
AP Photo/Giovanni Auletta

10 years ago

Dec. 20, 2012

Seventeen-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin won her first World Cup race at a night slalom event in Sweden.

“Shiffrin has been touted as the next American ski star, and she performed like one under the floodlights on Are’s Olympia course,” the Associated Press reported.

Shiffrin was second behind Frida Hansdotter after the first run and was then challenged by overall World Cup leader Tina Maze, as well, who had a fast second run to take a large lead just before Shiffrin’s second run, the Associated Press reported.

“But Shiffrin kept her composure in a run that was even faster, setting a time that first-run leader Hansdotter couldn’t match,” the AP reported. “Hansdotter was still ahead of the American at the first two intermediate times but wasn’t as fast in the final section and finished 0.29 seconds behind for second place. Maze was third, 0.52 behind.”

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Shiffrin said her runs weren’t perfect, but they were fast.

“Ahead of the second run, I guess I didn’t really feel any pressure. It felt more like something was pushing me forward rather than something pulling me towards the finish line,” she told the Associated Press.

20 years ago

Dec. 19, 2002

The 2002-03 ski season was looking promising as of Dec. 19, 2002.

“Beaver Creek had received 124 inches of snow as of Thursday, Dec. 19, just ahead of last season’s pace of 108 inches as of Dec. 17,” the Vail Trail reported. “The 23-year average for that date is 91 inches, and the average total snowfall for the winter is 307 inches. Despite a strong start, Beaver Creek would end up with just 269 inches last season.

“Vail has done better so far this season, with 145 inches,” the Trail continued, “which is more than half of last season’s sub-par total of 276 inches. The average annual snowfall at Vail is 334 inches, and the year-to-date average is 93 inches.”

The Trail reported that Vail Resorts CEO Adam Aron had been on national television touting the conditions.

Aron “played weatherman on financial cable networks like CNBC and told the world that not only did the ski company beat first-quarter financial predictions but that more than 10 feet of snow had piled up on the slopes of Vail since October.”

30 years ago

Dec. 25, 1992

Amendment 1, which mandated the calculation of growth as determined by the net percentage in the actual value of a taxing district, prompted the county assessor’s office to determine the total value of all property in Eagle County.

The Vail Trail, in its Dec. 25, 1992 edition, reported that Eagle County altogether had $3.8 billion in property, nearly half of which came from the town of Vail, which had $1.8 billion in taxable property within the town limits.

“Eagle County during the last year had $127.2 million in new construction last year, and $9 million in additions and remodels,” the Vail Trail reported.

This Vail Trail newspaper photo published Dec. 24, 1982, shows the four-way stop in Vail which backed up traffic during the holidays in 1982.
Vail Daily archive

40 years ago

Dec. 24, 1982

The town of Vail was preparing for Christmas holiday traffic problems at the four-way stop in town after experiencing issues with crowds over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Tomorrow and Sunday, Dec. 25 and 26, there will be extra police officers on duty to help move traffic through the bottleneck entrance to Vail at the main Vail 1-70 interchange and the four-way stop,” the Vail Trail reported. “Town officials were criticized for their handling of traffic problems over Thanksgiving, when a record number of cars arrived in town. The town’s Vail Village and Lions Head parking structures, with more than 2,000 spaces/between them, filled two days over the weekend, and more than 400 cars were allowed to park along the frontage road, usually a no parking zone. The large number of cars arriving in Vail created a 30-minute back-up at the I-70 interchange and the four-way stop.”

50 years ago

Dec. 25, 1972

The town of Vail celebrated the Christmas holiday by lighting luminarios in the streets and walkways of Vail Village.

The town celebrated the luminarios tradition by honoring its origin, “which originally started over 100 years ago in Northern New Mexico,” the Vail Trail reported. “The custom of lighting luminarios began in the early 1800s. At that time luminarios were made by crisscrossing eight pinon logs … During the past 25 years, the luminarios custom has spread from Northern New Mexico to all corners of the United States.”

60 years ago

Dec. 19, 1962

A white Christmas appeared to be assured in Eagle, the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported.

“After months of mild, warm and dry weather, winter came,” according to the Enterprise. “A snow storm, which was fairly general throughout Western Colorado, moved in Dec. 19 and left about two inches of snow, and colder temperatures. No snow is falling today, Thursday, but skies are still overcast — hinting more snow before Dec. 25.”

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