Time Machine: 50 years ago, a plan to fix a parking mess in Vail

The Vail Trail newspaper, in its Sept. 21, 1973 edition, spoke out in favor of a plan to put a parking structure in Vail Village.
Vail Trail/Vail Daily archive

30 years ago

Sept. 24, 1993

Vail skiers were expressing concerns about skier safety ahead of the 1993-94 season on Vail Mountain, the Vail Trail reported.

Locals described accidents they had been involved in and concerns they had with the procedures followed during those events.

“VA does not report skier accidents to the sheriff’s office,” said local Marty Weiss. “We feel that’s a very questionable practice … at the moment of the accident, you’re worried about your injuries, and the onus cannot be on the injured party.”

Disputes over the relatively new practice of snowboarding had been arising, as well. Vail had began allowing snowboards at the end of the 1987-88 season.

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“I suggest Vail get the snowboarders off the mountain and put them some place off on their own,” said Myrna Hines of San Diego. “Right now I don’t feel like going back to Vail, but I love skiing so I’m just going to have to find another place to ski where they don’t have snowboarders.”

40 years ago

Sept. 23, 1983

The Denver Water Board authorized its staff to finalize negotiations for the purchase of a 1,400-acre reservoir site near Wolcott, the Vail Trail reported.

Gov. Dick Lamm’s Metropolitan Water Roundtable, an advisory group, had recommended Wolcott as one of several reservoir sites for use by both the Western Slope and Front Range.

Denver had agreed to set aside $7.5 million for land acquisition of a reservoir site, the Trail reported.

Negotiations involved 800 acres of land owned by Chris Jouflas, a sheep rancher and Mesa County’s representative on the 15-member Colorado River District board, the Trail reported, along with another 600 acres owned by neighboring rancher Perry Olsen.

“Negotiations with Olsen have not begun yet,” the Trail reported.

50 years ago

Sept. 21, 1973

The town of Vail was preparing to vote on a bond issue, asking citizens if they would be in favor of the construction of a transportation center, the purchase of a 37-acre tract of land, and a $.01 sales tax increase.

The tract of land, known as the Antholz property, was located on the east edge of Vail and had been recently annexed into the town.

The Vail Trail came out in favor of the bond issue, running a photo of cars parked in scattered locations in Vail Village, a problem which would be solved by the construction of the parking structure, the Trail said.

60 years ago

Sept. 20, 1963

Eighteen-year-old Sandra Kay Kannady was killed on Trough Road in Eagle County after her car left the road and bounced down a 600-foot embankment, the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported.

Kannady was driving the vehicle, which slid approximately 100 feet on the dirt road before going down the embankment, the Enterprise reported.

“Passengers and crewmen on a D&RD trail in the canon along the Colorado River witnessed the accident at 12:40 p.m. and notified Odis Simpson, depot agent at Bond, who notified authorities.”

Kannady had been spending the summer working at a Glenwood drug store.

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