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Time Machine: 50 years ago, Forest Service reviews Beaver Creek for ski resort potential

10 years ago

Feb. 10, 2013

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, “the world’s highest low-country crawfish boil” returned to Eagle’s Nest on Vail Mountain.

The Brent Gordon Duo played Talon’s Deck, and gumbo, crawfish étouffée and king cake were served to guests along with hurricane drinks.

20 years ago

Feb. 14, 2003

Gas prices at the Amoco station on Vail’s South Frontage Road were approaching $2 per gallon, but it wasn’t the highest prices Vail had ever seen.

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“In May 2001 regular unleaded was selling for $2.14 a gallon,” the Vail Daily reported.

Global events had sent the cost of gas skyrocketing, the Vail Daily reported.

“A cold winter in the eastern U.S. forced oil refineries to shift some of their production from gasoline to fuel oil to meet the demand,” according to the Daily. “A national strike in Venezuela, which supplies the U.S. with 13 to 15 percent of its oil, has also had an effect.”

30 years ago

Feb. 12, 1993

Vail Associates was readying to file plans with the U.S. Forest Service for an expansion of “four more bowls across from China Bowl,” the Vail Trail reported.

“Although no formal proposal has been submitted, VA plans to expand into Commando, Pete’s, Porcelain, and Super Bowls,” the Vail Trail reported. “At the very least, the Forest Service is required to conduct an environmental analysis which includes a public scoping of the issues. The public could find enough issues, such as wildlife displacement, to warrant a more detailed environmental impact statement.”

40 years ago

Feb. 18, 1983

Famous musicians Neil Diamond and Boz Scaggs pursued legal action against the Vail establishment Bart and Yeti’s for playing their songs during business hours without providing royalty payments.

“The unlikely sounding lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Denver last week,” the Vail Trail newspaper reported on Feb. 18, 1983. “The plaintiffs are asking for statutory damages, court costs and attorney fees, and for a restraining order to bar their songs from being played in Bart and Yeti’s.”

Vail co-founder Pete Siebert shows Forest Service personnel the plans for Beaver Creek in this Feb. 16, 1973 photo from the Vail Trail.
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50 years ago

Feb. 16, 1973

The Forest Service initiated a review of the Meadow Mountain area of Eagle County, which included the McCoy Creek, Stone Creek, Grouse Creek and Beaver Creek drainages.

“The Meadow Mountain Study shows some of the ways the area can be used,” the Vail Trail reported. “Possible uses range from maintaining the area in a basically undeveloped state to devoting the entire area to winter sports site development.”

The options for permit development of a winter sports site ranged from developing for 6,000 to 9,000 skiers per day (if only a part of the total suitable terrain is developed) up to a capacity of 20,000 skiers per day if all suitable terrain is developed, the Trail reported.

“Effects of the development on wildlife values would largely depend on the private land development,” the Trail reported.

60 years ago

Feb. 14, 1963

Army personnel at Camp Hale were engaged in the testing of a new arsenal of cold-weather, small-arms automatic weapons, the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported.

New demolitions were also being tested at the Camp Hale site, the Enterprise reported, quoting Major General John A. Heintges.

“Heintges said that if necessary Camp Hale could be reactivated as a training post for active warfare,” the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported. “It has been reported that the Army intends to ask Congress for permission to purchase an additional 72,000 acres of land which lies directly south of the Camp Hale site. This would more than double the size of the present 64,000 acre post. It is felt the additional land is necessary for heavy weapon firing ranges and tank training.”

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