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Time Machine: 50 years ago, House Minority Leader Gerald Ford and his wife Betty visit Vail for the holidays

10 years ago

Dec. 28, 2012

A California company partly owned by David Wilhelm closed on the $14.2 million deal to buy The Club at Cordillera out of bankruptcy, the Vail Daily reported. Wilhelm was listed as an investor in Wind Rose Holdings, a California investment group.

“Earlier this month, Wind Rose outbid one of Donald Trump’s companies and Alpine Bank at the bankruptcy auction. The Bank was paid for a $12.5 million loan it had made to Cordillera,” the Vail Daily reported. “Friday’s closing also ends the $108 million class action lawsuit Cordillera property owners filed against Wilhelm.”

20 years ago

Dec. 27, 2002

Under the direction of the Town Council, a parking task force in Vail came up with a plan to reduce the number of structure overflow days onto the frontage road for the 2002-03 ski season, the Vail Trail reported.

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“New elements include the abolition of the Free After 3 stipulation in favor of ‘Arrive after 5,’ a new ‘green’ parking pass and a rate hike on the old ‘blue’ and ‘gold’ passes, the addition of metered spots on the top level of the structure specifically dedicated to shoppers, and the elimination of free parking at Ford Park and the Soccer Field in favor of free parking at nine different outlying locations,” the Vail Trail reported. “One month into the changes, the reaction from the merchant community is varied. Some absolutely hate the changes, while some believe they are an improvement over last year.”

30 years ago

Dec. 29, 1992

Jack Kemp, the outgoing secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, spoke to a crowd at the Westin Cascade Ballroom in Vail.

Kemp co-purchased a condominium in Vail in 1991 with plans to live in the area when he left office.

Appearing at a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Vail Symposium, Kemp described his replacement, Henry Cisneros, as a “wonderful man when he was mayor of San Antonio,” the Vail Trail reported. “He also predicted that Clinton and Cisneros will be able to persuade the Democratic majority of Congress to adopt measures opening the door to entrepreneurial capitalism in the inner cities.”

Kemp went on to become Bob Dole’s running mate in U.S. presidential election in 1996.

40 years ago

Dec. 31, 1982

Two separate plane crashes in the region over the holidays killed two and injured nine others, the Vail Trail reported.

Among the deceased was an Eagle Valley local, 30-year-old Thomas Hardy of Red Cliff, killed near the Lake County airport when his plane crashed immediately after takeoff on Dec. 26, 1982. The following day, Craig Murnane, 34, of Aspen, was also killed in a plane crash, and he also crashed immediately after takeoff.

Gerald and Betty Ford in Vail in December of 1972.
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50 years ago

Dec. 29, 1972

Back in Vail for their annual Christmas holiday trip were Gerald and Betty Ford of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Mr. Ford, as everyone knows is Minority House Leader in the U.S. Congress, as a Representative from the State of Michigan,” the Vail Trail reported.

Ford would go on to become the 38th president of the United States.

60 years ago

Dec. 27, 1962

An Olympic training camp was underway on Vail Mountain, the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported.

“Forty-five of the region’s top ski athletes began work at Vail Village Saturday in the 1964 Olympic training camp and 35 eastern skiers were expected to arrive Tuesday for competition berths on the US Olympic Alpine Team,” the Enterprise reported. “Bob Beattie, CU ski coach, his aides and the regions top 45 skiers will work during a two-week camp — climax of which will be a program of races Jan. 3 and 4.”

A welcome deposit of snow the week before prevented the camp from having to move elsewhere, the Enterprise reported.

“Eight inches of new snow fell at Vail Saturday and continued into the first of this week,” the Enterprise reported. “Thirty-three Fort Carson volunteer soldiers and others foot-packed trails Saturday.”

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