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Time to buy your new trash can

Edward StonerVail, CO Colorado
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VAIL – Sally Jackle didn’t waste any time getting a new “bear resistant” trash can. She bought one last fall, right after Vail passed a law that required everyone who puts their garbage out to get the special containers.”Same size, same weight,” said Jackle, a West Vail resident. “It’s not different at all in how it operates except the lid is fastened differently.”

April 15 is the deadline for Vail residents to get the special trash cans.The $160 price tag didn’t bother Jackle. It was just another extra cost of living in the mountains, she said. “Gas costs more money,” she said. “Housing costs more money. Part of the price people should be willing to pay if they live in bear country is spending $160 to prevent bears from being killed.”The Town Council required the new cans after several bears broke into homes last year. One bear attacked a woman in an East Vail home.

Residents are being warned about the deadline with fliers and tags affixed to their trash cans.

“So it’s a little more convenient for trash-hauling companies to make the transition without having an onslaught of requests at the 11th hour,” said Suzanne Silverthorn, spokeswoman for the town of Vail.

A list of vendors of bear-resistant trash cans is at http://www.vailgov.com.The town is even offering a $150 refund to winners of a drawing. Ten residents who buy their cans by April 15 will be selected for the refund. The cans cost $170 for customers of Vail Honeywagon, said Byron Harrington, operations manager for the company.About 25 customers have already bought the trash cans, and interest is ramping up as the deadline approaches, he said.”It’s snowballing right now,” he said. “It’s going to go nuts. It’s going to be crazy.”Customers should call the company by the end of the month to make sure they get a trash can in time.

About 400 to 500 trash cans need to be replaced, Harrington said.Stores, restaurants, condo complexes and apartment buildings must have bear-proof containers by April 15, or bear-resistant sheds by Aug. 1.The April deadline is just about when bears will be waking up after winter hibernation, said Detective Ryan Millbern of the Vail Police Department.”If we can really get these bear-resistant trash cans into use, they are going to severely limit the easy food reward they’ve been used to getting,” Millbern said. “In the long term, that will be very good for the bears and send them back into the forest.”Staff Writer Edward Stoner can be reached at 748-2929 or estoner@vaildaily.com.

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