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Time to get over it

Don Rogers

A shaker and mover in Vail recently sent the editor a private e-mail suggesting that a post-election assertion in this space that voters had made a mistake sinking the conference center was not helping the community come together afterward.Perhaps he is right. Sure, opinions remain strong on each side of this divide, each accusing the other of distortions during the campaign.But the fact is that of the 36 percent of Vail’s voters who bothered to vote, the nays came heavily against the center this time.So be it. Wise or foolish, the voters indeed spoke. And now it is time to move forward.Some of the anti-conference center people also quite naturally oppose the controversial plan to rebuild the Crossroads complex. These folks might heed their own good advice and respect that the voters spoke – favorably, in this case – about moving forward with Crossroads, too.Owner-developer Peter Knobel has wasted no time putting his plan back into play with a council more inclined to approve it.It’s this mixed bag of the voters’ will about Vail’s future that has observers still scratching their heads. The public funding for a Vail conference center failed fairly miserably, as did the incumbent council members who scorned Crossroads. It might be as simple as private vs. public debt. But conjecture aside, the election night results are facts. Seems both these sides have something to get over. Vail, Colorado

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