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Timing just a little bit off

Don Rogers

So what’s an editor to do when he (gently, of course) mocks the town of Vail for not seeming too eager to celebrate the opening of the new Donovan Pavilion just when the town is making grand opening plans public?

Eat crow. That ought to be a spectator sport worth charging for.

Representatives of the town – Councilman Cleveland dropping by the office with a personal invitation to the grand event, town spokeswoman Suzanne Silverthorne recounting the planning for an ad campaign just a few feet over from the news department, event organizer Laurie Ausmusen keeping a straight voice while leaving a phone message about the celebration to come – oh, they are good at rubbing it in.

Can’t blame ’em. Not a bit. Not when the punditry in these parts can get a little smart alecky. The town leaders labor and make decisions; the rest of us, including the commentators, sit back with all the second-guess answers. And we’re never wrong, no sir.

Except this time. The blessing of the pavilion will come at the end of the month, Aug. 30. The world-class facility does remain controversial among townsfolk, mainly for the cost just as the economy went south. But it will prove itself the work of genius with time, as have similarly controversial markers of progress such as the Dobson Ice Arena, Ford Amphitheater and even the roundabouts.

We’re not mistaken about that much. You’ll see.

Sober reflections

The circus folded its tents and moved on for the moment to the hilarious recall of the governor in California. Hilarious, of course, because we rubes don’t have those brilliant choices among action movie stars and porno kings to lead the state politically.

Anyone miss the bigtop media, other than a teen or two just dreading the thought of school starting again without easy access to the cameras?

Kobe Bryant will go to training camp as the Los Angeles Lakers try to salvage something of their season to come. He has more important things to try to close out of his mind, regardless of fans still applauding him.

The college girl who reported that he raped her this summer has a real life to live, with or without being able to use her real name or credit card.

Meanwhile, the case goes on. The spotlight didn’t wilt the charges, or daunt the authorities.

Here, the big star is “Mr. Bryant,” defendant. And the only yokels to be found are the ones willing to overlook the seriousness of the charges in favor of a game. You don’t have to believe them to understand that these are hardly the circumstances that call for cheers.

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