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Tips for sustainable shopping

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When facing the option of going to a store or ordering something online, consider the carbon footprint of your drive to the store compared to what it would take to ship the product to your doorstep and the packaging that comes with it.
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The amount of plastic film and wrap produced annually could shrink-wrap the state of Texas, according to Rubicon Global, a waste management and recycling company. Much of this is packaging from products we order and buy.

Three Tips

1. If you have the option of going to the store or ordering online, then go to the store. The carbon footprint of your drive to the store is a lot less than what it would be to ship the product right to your doorstep, plus there’s less packaging to deal with.

2. Whenever possible, buy your products in bulk. Bulk buying gives you more goods with less packaging.

3. When you are done using a product you own but it still works, donate it or find a place to recycle it. Let someone turn your trash into treasure.

What you can do

Think strategically when you are purchasing. Consider the kind of packaging the product comes in and how you will dispose of it once you unwrap the product. Opt for items in reusable materials, recyclable plastics nos. 1-2 or cardboard rather than plastic film packaging.

If you’re a business, then register for the Buying Green and Clean workshop on Wednesday, July 25, to learn how you can strategically make sustainable purchases. Register for the free workshop at

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