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Tips on customer service

The May 30 issue of USA Today quoted a recent survey by Genesys Telecommunications Labs showing the largest influence on customer loyalty to a company is service (48 percent). With product quality coming in at a distant second at 37 percent, it’s obvious companies should be paying attention to their customer service skills.

The Better Business Bureau recommends your company start with two basic concepts: Treat your customers as you would want to be treated and train your employees well.—–


Train your employees to treat every customer as an individual. Stress the importance of simple tasks of greeting customers with a smile, being courteous and respecting a customer’s decision. Develop training programs that will make your employees knowledgeable on all of your products and services. Nothing impresses customers more than an employee who knows products or service inside out. A big part of selling is education; employees need to know what they are selling.

Teach your employees how to read a customer’s personality and treat him or her accordingly.

Some customers, for example, don’t want to have a “relationship” with a salesperson; they just want to know where to locate something. Others may want a little courtesy or extra pampering.

When a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase or service, make certain you and your employees know how to handle the issue. When your customer has a complaint, put yourself in his or her shoes and try to see the problem as though it were your own. Disregard outrageous claims or expressions of frustration and stick to the problem. Acknowledge your customer’s distress, apologize and respond quickly. Keep in mind that a customer with a complaint can be turned into a positive public relations agent for your company, but only if you resolve the problem promptly and fairly.

Prominently post signs on your Web site or in your establishment that assure customers they are important and that the company will listen when they complain: “We are happy to discuss any concerns with you. We appreciate our customers and we want you to be satisfied.”

For more tips on good business practices, visit or call 800-564-0371. It’s just good business.

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