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I read the tip about the postal workers who are so bad and the post office is slow and bad and I just wanted to say that the Gypsum post office workers are wonderful. It doesn’t matter how crowded it is, how busy they are. They are always very courteous. They always have a smile. So maybe everyone should come down and take some clues from the guys who work in Gypsum.

Just reporting

Are we to gather from your headline and article on Tuesday’s paper on page A3 about the West Vail carjacking that maybe we should feel sorry about this guy since he was despondent over an ex-girlfriend? Thankfully he died, he should have died, at least the little girl didn’t die, but are we supposed to maybe feel sorry for this guy because he was despondent over his girlfriend, maybe he wasn’t responsible for his actions? That sure is what it sounds like to me from this article, and that’s a pretty sad state.

No response needed

This is in response to Gay Steadman’s letter to the Town Council in the Vail Daily on 8-6. The reason Town Council has not responded is because your letter is ridiculous and obviously motivated by NIMBYism. Point one: You suggest we build on the land above Texaco instead of the Mountain Bell site. This is obvious NUMBYism. I suggest we build on both. Point two: Your suggestion that if we build on the north side of the highway it would be cheaply constructed and physically unattractive, but if we build on the south side it would be attractive and charming and cause people to exit off the highway to see our beautiful town. This is laughable. Gay, why don’t you come clean and give us your real reasons. Could it be your property values? Your letter deserves no response from the Town Council. We need affordable housing in this town and it’s people like you that have caused the town to spend numerous thousands of dollars to overcome people like you. Stop fighting. We need this employee housing in this town.

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Call us

This is Michael Carpenter calling from Capco Tile and Stone in Avon. We’re the largest importer in Colorado. I was reading the Tipsline about Mr. Adkins. He says he went into a tile store and got bad service. I tried to find his number in the phone book, because I’d like to call him and invite him into our showroom if he’s still looking for tile or just to let him know that we have really good service here, or he’s welcome to call us if he’d like, at 949-5118.

Who cares?

Just because Jose Clara had girlfriend problems doesn’t make it any difference in carjacking. He got what he deserved.

Cart wars continue

I’m the first person who called in about having trouble getting down to the Tuesday night concerts because of a cast and crutches, and I want to respond to the imbecile who wrote in to today’s paper saying I should quit whining. Number one, there’s a law that states that if you have a public event there has to be provisions for the handicapped, which I am temporarily handicapped. And two, if you cannot drive to the front gate of the amphitheater, the way that they get around that is by providing the carts. The carts are not being used by those. They’re being used by able-bodied people and also denying use by those on crutches. Now if this person thinks I’m a whiner, I’m really sorry. I really hope that they don’t experience what I’m experiencing. They’ve obviously never been in a cast and on crutches and they really provided a very silly response and they need to grow up.

We’ll take it!

I’d just like to express my condolences to the poor business people around Seibert Circle that can’t figure out how to do extra business when they’ve got 500 people milling about on a Friday afternoon in front of their businesses. If they don’t want the block parties at Seibert Circle, the merchants in Lionshead would love to have it down here. Please send it to Lionshead.

Over one free beer?

Hey man. What’s up with these creepy owners on Bridge Street that think that giving away one free beer and an inexpensive not-too-good hot dog is going to affect their business? Get real. If people want real food, they will go into the restaurants regardless. One free beer is not going to put anybody on Bridge Street out of business. There are so few things available for local people at no cost and it’s just another way that I think we are always being exploited. This street party was something everyone looked forward to, young people, families, everybody. So let’s bring back the cheap hot dogs, and let’s bring back the first free beer, and then let’s have them, the restauranteers, create some specials that will entice all of us locals,

with families and without families, to come into their establishments.

What losers

What a bunch of crybabies. How can one free beer lose somebody’s business? I’ll never go to the Red Lion or Tap Room again. And another thing, what have those losers ever done for the community?

Moving on

I just want to know why Steve Kaufman is such a whiner. If he can’t figure out how to get people to come to his bar, it’s his own fault. 500 people outside his door on Friday night ought to be a good start. We locals may decide to spend our money elsewhere. I know I will.

Shame on them

Isn’t it always the same? How does it go about the squeaky wheel? How about the rest of us? Don’t we pay taxes here, too? Did anybody ask any of us about the block parties? One of the few fun and free things in this town. Shame on the VTBS for caving in, but mostly shame on those whiners.

Small people

I’d just like to say I think the block parties are great. My family and I, we’ve always enjoyed them. We’ve met a lot of neat people, and it made Vail a very friendly town. I think the businesses that did not like them, they’re small people. I’d also like to say about the snow removal, I mean come on. My girls, we love the snow. You want to see it.

It makes the Town of Vail magical. To remove it would be very, very sad, and stupid to spend money on this removal.

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