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Raw deal

My name is Pat. I have a wife and a kid and I work on the mountain in winter and do construction in summer. Up until now the best thing about working for VA was the health insurance program. Not anymore. The letter I got with next year’s rates means I have to fork over an extra $2,500 next year just to pay my insurance coverage through the summer months. I used to pay off the whole year’s health insurance during the winter season. If I try that now my take home pay goes down 40 percent. What a deal. Think about how much money VA’s raking in from all of us who work for them. If 1,000 people are in the same boat as me and I’m the average insured family, and if the same thing happens with their other four ski areas, VA just made a quick $10 million off our backs. Maybe they don’t need to sell lift tickets anymore, just sell health policies. So what do I do now? Take another part-time job, I guess. In any case, it will be less money for me to spend on things I enjoy and less time to do that anyway. Multiply that by everyone that works for the ski company and I guess the valley just took a big hit. Something’s wrong here. We need some help with this. Does anybody have the Teamsters’ phone number?

Get over it

I just have one comment for the people who keep on talking about the Kobe case. Get over it, move on. It’s up to the jury and the judge to decide what happens from here, so quit advertising about it, quit talking about it, leave it alone, move on with your life. There are bigger and better things in your life to worry about. Second of all, the thing about I-70, complaining about the speed tickets. If we could get a light rail that went from the Eagle airport to Denver, we wouldn’t have that problem. If they would make that road (I-70) a whole lot better it wouldn’t be so congested. Therefore, we wouldn’t need the light rail. So either get the light rail or improve I-70. Those are my two comments.

My life

I am calling in regards to the “You have opportunities” on Aug. 28 that mentioned Pat. This is Pat once again, and if you knew the real reason why I couldn’t go to college, it wasn’t because I couldn’t work two jobs, it was because I have two children and had to work to support the children in order to make it through. Not by choice, but I have not another person there to help me raise my children. And yes, I do clean toilets for a living, but you know what? I’m proud of what I do, but if I could possibly afford to go to college, I would be more than happy to. I have worked two jobs, and raised my children and put them through school, and now I’m paying for their college. So it is not my fault that the illegals are up here and I just want you to know don’t be going and putting people down who is a U.S. citizen. I’ve paid my dues in the country to be where I am. Another thing, I have never skied, so don’t throw that in there, either. I think you ought to look at things before you go mouthing off about what in the heck I’m doing with my life.

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