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Hit-and-run driver

If you see dark-colored, sloped-front passenger van with no rear license plate and right side damage, please notify Vail Police immediately. I was side-swiped with $3,000 of damage Wednesday, Aug. 27, on I-70 eastbound just before the east Vail exit at 9:05 p.m. Thank you for your help.

Paying full freight

I’m calling about the school lunches. They are ridiculously high, and I don’t understand why. Someone around here, a single parent living under low income, can’t get qualified for reduced lunches, and immigrants that are coming in out of country are getting free lunches left and right. What is going on here? They work just as well as we work here, and we can’t even afford to get reduced lunch. So there’s got to be something in the school district, look in to the illegal immigrants that are coming in and applying for free or reduced lunches. Us U.S. citizens need the help too, and we seem to be paying more money than what they do. They don’t even claim the taxes.

I don’t believe her

This message is for Don Rogers. Mr. Rogers, as you are fully aware, a paper is judged by the quality of its reporters and the accuracy of their information. Overall, I believe the Vail Daily meets this criteria. However, one has to question the integrity or accuracy of columns by Kaye Ferry. Once again, we are subject to a column in which Ms. Ferry accuses Vail Resorts of intending to raise their merchant price by $100-$200. Her information is based on rumors. To be honest, I thought writing a rumor was the job of us anonymous Tipsline callers, not that of a so-called journalist. Kaye Ferry has lost all integrity with her readers. Once again, one has to question accuracy on the information in the columns she writes.

Through the roof

What’s with the school district notifying their employees late Friday afternoon that their insurance rates were nearly doubling first thing Monday morning. This cowardly low blow is yet more evidence that the district does not value, appreciate or respect the employees.

Ferry’s coalition

Wake up, Vail voters. A vote for Bill Jewett and his coalition is a vote for Kaye Ferry. Please don’t let that happen. We need positive, visionary leaders, not the negativity and B.S. that comes out of her mouth weekly. Vail and this valley needs every dollar it can get to survive. If that dollar comes from destination skiers, front range skiers, and local residents, yes residents, you should welcome and embrace them all. People have been saying over and over again that merchants need to respond to changing times, sell what people want to buy. Residents of Eagle County would flock to Vail Village and Lionshead if you had something desirable to sell and more affordable restaurants. And to the front range, come on up, we want you. And to Kaye Ferry, since you like catchy phrases, how about naming Bill Jewett and company the “boy toys’?

Talk about abuse

A hundred years of abuse? Well if this river project doesn’t look like six weeks of abuse, then I must be crazy. I enjoy sitting on my back porch, thank you, Allen Lanning, and watching these huge backhoes drive up and down the river. Oh yes, I must remember, man is bringing the river back to its natural state. Maybe if Allen Lanning spent a little more time on his back porch, he would see fox, bear, coyote and various other animals and birds as I have instead of worrying about a better river to fish for his trailer park cronies.

Roundabout hell

I’m a summer visitor, have been coming up for almost 30 years. I’ve got a concern that I see here in Vail and Avon, and that’s the use of all these circular intersections. A long time ago, I’d heard they’re one of the most dangerous intersections there are, and I believe that when there’s traffic volume and as the volume increases. I’m not one that speaks ignorantly. I’ve driven traffic circles like this in England, France and Italy, so I am familiar with them. I would like the Vail Daily to run some kind of poll with people who drive that a lot to get an idea. I don’t know if your traffic incidents will show you a dangerous trend there. We’ve been here for just a week and I’ve seen almost two near hits in these kinds of intersections. I would say for the current time, I’d like to see you do a poll on the people who run deliveries, and have them rate the various forms of intersections, what they think, maybe that would give a little more insight to the people here as to what’s going on, but I’d certainly stop it. One of the things since you’ve currently got so many of them, it would be good advice to the people to slow down, I think they drive too fast here, and also because of the small diameter of the circles to reduce or eliminate the multiple lanes within the circle itself. That would help a lot. Thank you for this Tipsline, I like that.

Use the bike path

I’d like to respond to “Can’t we get along?” I’m a motorist, I am a small time bicyclist, and I think we can get along. My problem is when a whole bunch of bicyclists believe that they own the road and take a third of it for their pack when they travel east or west on Route 6. It’s not a matter of slowing down for a second, it’s a matter of the motorist is 100% responsible for anything that might happen in that pack, people falling down and then I run them over, or they lose control and bump into each other and then it’s my fault if anything happens. We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in this valley for bike paths. Why don’t some of the bicyclists use them instead of competing with automobiles for the roadways?

Oh sure, do that

Spending $20 million on removing unsightly snow? What are they thinking on Town Council? We can’t even have a firehouse, we have no money, but we can get rid of the unsightly snow? Yeah, that’s thinking.

Starting trouble

I don’t know where Ferry was on Friday night, but I was at the same food and wine event, and there was barely a cracker around. Somebody is just trying to start trouble, and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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