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Parking’s real issue

I guess it’s going to take a while for things to mature on the north side of the north Frontage Road where they’re building the new employee housing complex. Right now the scar looks pretty disgusting, and a lot of people are wondering how the whole project is going to look, and whether it will be actually needed and filled up. I think maybe the town has gone a little overboard with the employee housing thing. But I’m sure the Town Council and the people making the decisions know what they’re doing, and maybe in the future they can develop some other areas for more employee housing. Ford Park area, that would be a good one, and of course the golf course, that’s some real usable land; we should turn that into employee housing. Of course the parking situation, that seems to be under control now for the summer, so let’s not even consider worrying about parking, even though for the last almost 10 years, not employee housing, but parking, is the biggest concern of this valley. Actually parking has always been one of the biggest concerns, and it’s been sadly, sadly neglected. I for one would like to see this situation reversed so that the guests that come here have a place to park, and the people who work here have a place to park. I know the bus system is supposed to handle all these problems, but guess what, it doesn’t. And guess what, there’s enough housing up and down the valley to serve this community for many years to come, but there hasn’t been enough parking in the valley for many years and it will be a problem for many years to come.

Now that’s inflation

I just called Vail Resorts about getting this years’ senior citizens pass for those over 70. They have raised the price of that pass over 100%. The pass is now $319 for the senior citizens who are over 70 years old. You also cannot buy them early and pay less for them, and to me 100% increase in anything is rather obscene. I also read where Aron says he’s (Vail Resorts) not raising the merchants pass by hundreds of dollars yet, he’s raised the senior citizens pass by over 100% and that just seems like a real kick in the teeth to the senior citizens. Some of us have been around since the ’60s and have always been supportive and always done our share and that just seems like a real kick in the teeth for those of us on fixed incomes.

Selfless service

My name is Steve and I’m a Singletree year-round resident. I was just calling wanting to thank the fire department. My wife and I were traveling Highway 6 this morning a little after 8 and we witnessed an accident. We had multiple fire engines in just a matter of minutes that came and got everyone safely out of their vehicles. I just wanted to thank them for everything they do, and I understand they’re having a car wash in Avon this Saturday and just want to try and get the community to get together and do something for the fire department. They do all these selfless acts for everyone else and we need to support them a little more in their roles. Last week they were at Village Market and Home Base collecting money for MS, and I don’t know how much they got, but I know I donated. I think the whole community should get together and do the same for them. We should help them out.

Don’t alienate locals

I just wanted to comment on Mr. Aron and Gonzalo from the Minturn militia. He has a good point, and if Mr. Aron wants to alienate the rest of the locals by making us pay way too much to ski on the mountain, than as Gonzalo said, I think everything will go down the toilet.

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