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What do they do?

Geez, I just found out that the County Court is now closed not only for lunch from 12-1, but they also closed at 4. What goes on here?

She’s spinning

I just think it’s pretty much Kaye Ferry’s general way of looping things her way to defend Billy’s Island Bar and Grill for his neon-istic signs which are clearly not within the town of Vail standards. … Get her off the staff. Come on, I hope you guys don’t pay her for her articles.

No power

Dear Pat: Tipsline Friday, Sept. 5, 2003 entitled “Raw deal.” The Teamsters number is 303-477-1623. The UAW is 303-940-7804. The Service Employees International, which is what we all are, service employees, is 303-698-7963. If everyone had supported the union organization efforts in October of 1998, we as Vail Resorts employees would not be in this predicament five years later. Vail Resorts’ main response to a union threat, which by the way scares the hell of management, no matter what Adam Aron says, was to give us a fair wage increase, which we haven’t had since, and better health benefits, including the off season bridging. Well, that’s now down the tubes, and what can we do about it? Not a damn thing, because we have absolutely no collective bargaining power. Ben Franklin once said, either we hang together, or we will surely hang alone. I guess we’re now hanging and paying alone. Sincerely, Joe Hill, Vail Valley union organizer.

Consider us, too

The Town of Minturn needs to realize that with population growth come the handicapped. My husband and I have tried to go to the Minturn Market. When we arrived we asked where the handicapped parking is and we were told, well, the town has two spaces, do the best we can. Well the best we can is just to leave, because there’s no place to park, and we’re not able to walk a long distance and then around the market. So they need to think about the handicapped.

Glad it’s back

I’m calling to thank the Town of Vail Town Council and all the people involved in bringing back the “free after 3 p.m.” and the hour and a half free parking. I’m sure to be doing most of my shopping in Vail and eating at the restaurants and doing more business back there.

Oh come on, mayor

Shame on Ludy Kurz for not having the courage to stand for election with the other candidates in November. His argument that he will provide a transition is completely and totally bogus.

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