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Rummage advice

I am calling in regards to the “pricey rummaging” on Sept. 6 and I would have to say I definitely agree. The prices at the rummage sale this year were outrageous and the clothes there were not as good as what they have been in year’s before. So in order to keep people going, they will need to lower their prices and get better stuff and get rid of all the stuff that didn’t sell last year and put it in the 50 cent room and bring in all the new stuff this coming up year.

Emptying villages

I am calling about the building that has Verbatim Bookstore and VBS in it. Is the landlord crazy or what. He’s letting the two best stores in Lionshead go, for what? We want Lionshead to be this awesome village, when they’re raising rents so high that nobody can afford to stay in business in Lionshead. Do we want Vail to be a ghost town? Do we want tourism to stop coming in? Do we want everybody here to lose everything they have? No, we want everybody to keep what they have, to live a happy life, enjoy the mountains, come see the scenery, be able to make a living, keep our locals, keep our tourists, keep the economy where it needs to be. By having empty buildings in Lionshead and Vail Village, that isn’t going to do it.

Editor’s note: Verbatim is moving to a smaller location in Vail Village.


Arn Menconi and the commissioners who voted to give $2 million of Eagle county taxpayers money to the Bair Ranch scam should now join the Singletree board, who had the courage and integrity recently to change their votes and withdraw their money. The commissioners must now realize, as do we all, that the Bair Ranch is no longer a working ranch, and so this money won’t go to a “working ranch that will preserve our Western heritage,” which we were falsely assured was the case. Inadequate reporting and research by the Vail Daily and deliberate misleading by the shills at the Eagle Valley Land Trust who wrote to the paper in force and apparently misleading statements by the Bair family themselves was enough to hoodwink us all. Commissioners Menconi and Gallagher must negate their original decision, admitting they were misled and didn’t diligently pursue the facts. They should join Tom Stone in doing the right thing. Otherwise we have a ridiculous situation of taxpayer financing of a commercial hunting and vacation operation on the Bair Ranch. This money was not intended to give to outfitters. Why not use it to put an easement on the private land above Homestead that now blocks access to national forest lands above. People could actually hike and bike and ride horses up there. Our taxpayers could actually use that land recreationally. If Menconi and Gallagher let their ridiculous decisions stand, the taxpayers of Eagle County will be paying $2 million for access to the Bair Ranch for hunters and vacationers from all over the country who will be able to play on that land, land we can’t set foot on. Is that insane or what?

Slow down

This is in response to all David LeVine’s letters to the editor. Although we can all appreciate every man’s opinion, nobody can appreciate one man’s opinion all the time. So I say David Levine, please get a life, and quite writing letters to the editor every three or four days.

Chill out, dude

My name is Lisa. I just want to say I moved here from the east coast and I thought I left all the grumps behind. I’m reading the letter in Sunday’s paper, “Oh please.” Dude, he’s just so grumpy. I’m sure if he was speeding, he would want to get out of his ticket, too. Everybody in this valley needs to chill out and stop trashing each other.

Free lunch for illegals

School lunches are feeling the budget pinch just like the rest of Eagle County is. Illegal immigrants get free lunches because ECSD only can use reportable, taxable income. Many work for cash under the table, there is no traceable, taxable income. For the system to change, stop allowing illegal immigrants to be eligible for welfare programs. Stop accepting the fact that states say a person doesn’t need to be legal, they only need a mailing address to be a resident. Ask Tom Tancredo at He can explain it really well!

Pat, you’re whining

I am sick and tired of Pat’s whining. Hey, Pat, I’ve got five children and I raised them by myself. I did not go and get welfare for my children. I worked during the summer months thinning beets, topping onions, picking watermelons and cantaloupes and tomatoes. I worked at two turkey plants and at four beef plants while raising my five children. I made sure they had a good roof over their heads, plenty of food to eat and nice clothes. I also made sure their social skills were developed. These five went to museums, zoos, mountains, and visited different states. They went to movies, did biking and hiking. I made sure that they knew how important their education was. Once every two years, I would go to the community college for three months. I wanted to improve on my education. I didn’t want to work like a mule for the rest of my life. I never did blame someone else for my situation. I would never blame my children for how my life turned out. It’s a shame you feel the need to blame your two children and the illegals for your financial situation. By the way, I now hold an office job. A person is never too old to get an education and improve on job skills and attitudes. Dolores.

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