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VR taking over

Kudos to Richard Carnes’ “Adam, what are you doing” column. Being an ex-Vail Resorts employee of 20 years, I know what Adam Aron is like. He talks like it’s everyone else’s fault but his own. If he would look back and try to figure out why our destination clients are leaving, maybe he would come up with the fact that he was ripping them off. How would you like to spend a million or so on a piece of property and get no benefits and yet the people in the Denver market who put a very minimal amount of money in this area are getting all the deals? They brown bag it, don’t take ski lessons or spend very little in the village. … He told us a couple years ago in our fall workshop meetings that the Vail Daily gives Vail Resorts no justice and that they say that Vail Resorts wants to take over everything and that isn’t true. Look around, see how many of the hotels or retail spaces in Vail and Beaver Creek are now owned or run by Vail Resorts. Plenty, including the Lodge at Vail, Marriott, Ritz, Pines Lodge, Saddle Ridge, Oxford Court, BC Sports, not to mention all the other out of state resorts they have. So this means price increases and salary cuts and layoffs. …

Out of touch

Could Vail Resorts be more out of touch with the times? When many local businesses are folding and people are counting on Kobe Bryant to revive sales, does Adam Aaron really deserve an $8 million bonus? More insult to injury. More salt on the local wounds. It seems that Vail Resorts hardly values it employees when the money that should be trickling down to its dedicated employees keeps getting caught on Adam’s silly-looking sweaters. Why should Ski Patrolers, lift operators, yellow jackets, etc., get the very minimum pay when their feerless leader is being given homes on Beaver Creek and golf memberships at Red Sky Ranch?

Avoidable expense

Ludy Kurz proves he is the first priority, not the town. How dare he stay on for a few more months. He says his friends want him to stay. Let’s see a show of hands. The town doesn’t need this unnecessary and avoidable expense. Let’s get a new council and get on with an agenda. We don’t need this hanger-oner who doesn’t know how to leave graciously. What an ego. Does he think people like him because we are courteous? No wonder the town is in trouble. Your column was right on. Please keep repeating it and tell Ludy to get out.

Glad they were there

This is in response to Kaye Ferry’s complaints about the police presence at the final closing of The Grind. Kaye Ferry is quick to criticize others, but when it comes to her personal affairs, she is well known as someone who has often ignored the rules and regulations of this town and this county. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise to this Vail citizen that our police made sure that the state liquor laws were obeyed. Thank you.

Well, he was joking

I burst out laughing when I read in Richard Carnes’ column on Tuesday that he thinks the New York Times is “a bastion of quintessential conservatism.” If he had ever read the New York Times, he would know that their position on most issues is exactlythe opposite. I am a registered Democrat.

Vail No. 1, again

How exciting, how exciting! This is great news. As a Vail pioneer, and still a working-class Vail Pioneer, I must say I was so excited to see the extraordinary headlines that Vail is No. 1 again.

In the old days we had what we called school spirit about Vail and the Vail Valley. We have always known we’ve had the best mountain there is in the U.S., if not in the world. It’s nice to see that we’re on top again. Hopefully, this will spur people on to that old spirit of giving good customer service, being happy at your job, and eliminating the negative snowboarder mentality of taking what you can from the village but giving what you can to our community. I am so excited inside.

My school spirit is high. I suggest we have a rally one, two or three times a year to let people know that Vail still does have this wonderful, wonderful spirit and that we need to send it on to the younger generations of our valley.

Let’s not sink

Have a couple comments on the Kaye Ferry versus Adam Aron conflict. I believe that Kaye Ferry may be not 100 percent right in all her opinions, but I sincerely believe that she has a right to say them.

I believe she’s become a catalyst for the Vail Valley in many issues. Adam Aron used to work for Norwegian Cruise Lines. He sees Vail as a large cruise ship. If he had his way, he would zap all the mom-and-pop, wonderful spirit out of Vail and have everything become corporate Vail Resorts. Do we all want to go down in this big cruise ship that Adam Aron has created? I think not.

Skate park mess

I was just wondering why the Vail Skateboard Park in Lionshead is in such disarray. There are screws missing from the ramps, it just seems like a not very up to par park for Vail when you have a world-class ski area, a world-class terrain park and half-pipe on the mountain in the winter, you’d think we would have a world-class skateboard park in the summer time, like Breckenridge does. Just wondering what the deal is. Later.

I’d be mad, too

I work for Eagle-Vail and I have two things to say about the Jay Halburnt situation. First, if I were golfing and someone hit a ball inches from my head, I would be pissed off, too, especially since the guy didn’t even yell fore and give advance warning. Second, Jay has golfed this course many times, and he’s always been a respectable and nice guy.

I think it’s absurd that there are recall talks because he lost his temper. I mean, give me a break. Everyone’s lost their temper at one time or another. Eagle-Vail’s losing money big time, and Jay’s trying to be proactive in finding ways to change that, and I think to recall him would be a huge mistake and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Clock ticking?

As I sit here reading the Vail Daily Tipsline, Sept. 9, looking at this beautiful Eagle River and watching the backhoes and reading this comment about Alan Lanning.

From my understanding, Alan Lanning has done a great job in Minturn. But, due to abuse and a lot of other BS that’s going on, I guess the April election is going to be quite interesting, to say the least. And Mr. Lanning, from what I hear, you’d better have your resume ready.

There’s an answer

This is for all the local people that live and support this valley I say boycott VA. Bring these people back down to earth.

They’ve gotten just a little bit too big. They’re ridiculous how they’re not looking out for us. We live and support this valley. We are the bloodline of this valley, and what they’re doing? They’re looking out for all the people around us instead of the people that live here and support this valley. Boycott VA.

Charging too much

I just placed an ad in the Vail Daily and found that once again, the classified ad rates have risen and I was astonished because, like the gas stations, the Vail Daily has a monopoly on advertising in this region, and they seem to be taking advantage of that monopoly, and using that money either to pay their executives or to pay for more acquisitions.

I asked the fellow who I placed the ad with if he had gotten a raise lately, and he said no not, really, and in fact we might be getting a decrease in pay. So that’s not where the money’s going. Hopefully the Daily is unbiased enough to publish this and maybe forward-thinking enough to readjust its thinking and its rates of classified advertising, because if the situation doesn’t change, there’s going to be a new boy out there on the block whose going to make the Vail Daily eat some crow. So take notice, Vail Daily. You need to keep your rates in line and stop gouging on the classified ads.

How can this be?

Kaye and Swimmer and gang. Guess what? Look who is number one again. How can that be? All those destination skiers according to you find the mountain overcrowded and not wanting to come back. Must be a conspiracy. Must be those dang cars on Frontage Road. Those people must have voted .

Kaye, Swimmer and gang, the people have spoken. There is nothing wrong with cars on Frontage Road and there is no crowding on the mountain, so do yourselves a favor. Find a way to get their money.

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