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Math is off

I’m calling in regard to the Tips … regarding the senior citizen over-70 season passes. Last year’s pass – I am a senior citizen over 70 – I paid $299 last year and according to Tips it’s $319 this year. That’s $20 difference. Where I went to school, and mind you that was a long time ago, but I still remember my math, $20 is a 6.88 percent increase from last year, not 100 percent as the person who gave the Tip said. I think he must have gone to the wrong school or has forgotten his math.

You moved there

I’d like to respond to the John Monson who wrote in today to say that East Vail is too noisy because he lives right by the highway. Hello? What were you thinking when you bought your house in East Vail, that the big four-lane road was going to disappear? We have no sympathy for you, buddy.

Didn’t like event

I was wondering if the Vail Daily got paid by the organizers of the recent food and wine event to attend and write stories, because it was horrible. I’ve been to several of these events, and this was one of the worst organized. I agree with the people that say there was no food there, and what little there was, it was pretty bad. You had no less than three writers covering it, and I was wondering if you got some kind of kick back.

Editor’s note: Nope.

Age inflation

I just read … Tipsline, and a gentlemen had called in about the inflation of the ski tickets for senior citizens. … We’ve lived here ever since 1967, and we’ve been loyal patrons of the mountain, paying with our children and our grandchildren. And here it is, I’m just now 70, and … and they’ve raised it until it’s $319 now. We can’t afford that. That’s ridiculous. … My husband reached age 70 about four years ago. He was able to use it the first year for 30 something dollars, but the second year they went up $99. We thought that was a lot for people that age, and you now, we don’t ski that much. My husband has had heart problems. …He’s lucky to get out there one or two days, but he looks forward to that. And now we can’t even do that. I just think it’s ridiculous. I wish I knew some old people in town I could get together and do something about this. … It’s just highway robbery is what it is. We’ve lived here so long and done so much, and now to have this thrown at us, it’s a kick in the butt. It’s terrible.

If she knows all…

Kaye Ferry needs to run for office. If she has all the answers, then let’s see how she does. Otherwise, she’s just complaining, not helping to make a positive change, and I think we’ve heard enough.

Don’t tell

Why do you guys have to print when people are losing their homes? Don’t you think it’s enough of an embarrassment themselves when they owe taxes or they’re getting their home foreclosed? Have a little respect for them. I know it’s not you, it’s the people that hand it to you. At least have some respect for them.

Eagle-Vail fallout

To J.: If you have no shot to the green, why didn’t you hit out to speed up play? What were you doing at the net? Smoking a “J” or relieving some beers? How many free rounds have you had this year and last? You are an embarrassment to Eagle-Vail property owners. You should just apologize and hope this goes away. But you write a diatribe. How can someone catch you after teeing off an hour behind with a 13-year-old? … How can you see a ball that lands behind you when you’re addressing a ball? You need to resign now. My name’s Steve.

Ax to grind

This is in response to a letter in the paper today by Carl Berger who is complaining about Jay Halburnt. Mr. Berger, you need to get over that because it seems to me that you have a big ax to grind because you were a former candidate, so it’s pretty obvious why you wrote your big long letter asking for Mr. Halburnt to resign because you want his spot.

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