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Enron of the valley

Vail Resorts reminds me so much of Enron – lots of money for the CEO and upper management and keep the rest of the employees at a salary that you have to have another job just to make ends meet. … They just had a meeting with all the dentists in the valley and announced that VR is going to a PPO and that the dentists should come aboard but work for less. They did this a couple of years ago with the hotels, wanted them to cut their prices to draw people to the valley. I don’t see VR cutting their prices.

Some ambassador

This is for Mr. Halburnt on 18. Were you playing for free and holding up the group behind you? You’re supposed to be an ambassador for Eagle-Vail. Seems to me, when Mr. Clinton made a mistake, he apologized. You should too. Save your rebuttal for re-election. When I was a kid and made a mistake and blamed it on someone else, I got whipped.

Should be banned

Regarding that board member, Jay Halburnt, I have never called Tipsline, but it is shocking to me that this man thinks he’s done no wrong. He is a public officer, functioning in a role that is frequently a role model for young children, that golf course and all of the rest of them in the valley try to help junior programs. This man felt that he was personally attacked. I have never known of a golfer who hit, and I am a golfer, who hit into a foursome who did it because he was trying to hurt somebody. He made a mistake. He misjudged his distance. This man, Halburnt, did he know that this man tried to apologize for what was clearly a mistake? Yes. Did he accept the fact that it was a mistake? No. Does he have an uncontrollable temper? Yes. Does he belong on any golf course? No. I commend the board directors who are not so incestuous in their little clique of a board because this one obviously isn’t that they would protect a member who would behave like this. If this man had been playing on Singletree or Vail or Arrowhead and hadn’t been on their board, and had treated someone who hit into him that way, it would have been equally scandalous. It has nothing to do with him being on the board. He would have been banned from any of those golf courses, unless they’re cowardly. So, good for this board.

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