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Audit ’em

I’m calling about the letters on the recall for Eagle-Vail and I’m totally in favor of this fellow stepping down that acted inappropriately, but more concerning is the fact that the current metro board seems to be losing tons of money, and while they’re at it on the recall, maybe all of them should go away. And maybe an audit’s in order here.

Kurz, Aron, Ferry …

Three quick points. Mr. Kurz should definitely not run again. In an economic time when everybody’s worried about being over budget, where the money’s coming from for the town, his decision to run again for mayor is completely ridiculous, and to make the town hold a special election is asinine.

Secondly, no one should be surprised Adam Aron is getting such a hefty bonus. The reality is he could care less about his employees. Just look at the insurance options and the lack of pay raises and you’ll realize that he’s simply out for himself and the fleecing of the Vail Valley.

Lastly, anyone who is a Kaye Ferry basher must like their news spoon-fed. God forbid there’s an opinion in the paper that you might not agree with. You should get over yourself and read it with an open mind. If you don’t like it, respond with a decent opinion and not simply saying that she should be fired.

Where’s mine?

This is directed towards Adam Aron. Now that you have your $8 million extra, I think it’s time you give back to some of us locals, maybe buying us 2,500 merchant passes, and maybe putting some of that money towards the over-70 pass that you raised from $99 to $390. That would be kind of a nice gesture to use that $8 million and put it back in the community to help some of us locals out who are just scraping by.

Disaster looms

Do you wonder what your county commissioners, town council members and mayors all over Eagle County are doing and have done for you? They’ve allowed low income housing to be built in flash flood zones, 100-year flood plains, mudslides and avalanche zones. The only thing dumber is that low-income families are actually putting their hard earned dollars into these homes hoping they’ll appreciate in value for them so that someday they can possibly get into a single family home. You know, the American dream.

Eagle County government officials, shame on you. Does anyone else wonder how much weight the Super Wal-Mart and Home Depot roofs can handle? I say it’s a disaster waiting to happen, and it’s all because of the lack of foresight on the part of our Eagle County elected government officials.

Dismiss him now

The Eagle-Vail Metro District Board member should be dismissed from his position immediately. He represents not only the Eagle-Vail golf course, but our community as well. … We do not need him in our community.

Post office is fine

I was reading the paper today about the post office still being a mess. Well I’m calling in because I don’t think our post office is a mess. I’m a customer there, too, and I go and I stand in line. But I also notice that a lot of people do not understand that they do have to have proof of residence, two forms of ID, and I have heard the clerks say this. It’s not their fault. Why don’t you talk to the post office manager in charge, because he’s the one that’s making the rules; they just follow. If you waited for 25 minutes, maybe you’re one of the ones that always bitch and complain and whine about what they’re trying to do. They’re only following rules, and I think you should, too. And you should have updated your box before you went away. You should know this already. If you don’t like it, move somewhere else. Use some other post office.

Offended at bonus

I’d like to comment on Adam Aron getting a $8 million dollar bonus. As someone who works for Vail Associates for over 25 years, I’m offended, and I can’t even believe this. They’re cutting back our insurance, they’re cutting back our privileges, they’re jacking us on our raises, and this man is making $8 million. I’d just like to let it be known that if this is how American business works, by rewarding the ones at the top so greatly and the ones who work for a living so poorly, it’s no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in.

Makes no sense

This is to do with Ludy Kurz staying on the extra three months. I’m not aware of exactly how it goes, but it would seem that in a time of fiscal problems that we’re having within the town of Vail that someone would volunteer not to cause us to have an extra election. … Why do we let this go off the major election period, before we make them come back into the fold and have everybody elected at the same time? I can understand if somebody dies or leaves unexpectedly. You have to have a special election, but then their term should end when everybody else’s does, to quit incurring these ridiculous costs. This just makes no sense to me. Anyways, outraged again.

Critics of critics

I was laughing when I read the Tip left by the person complaining about David Levine’s numerous letters to the editor. Kudos to that, and while they were at it, they should have included Jim Dorsey on that list.

Wouldn’t work

I’m calling with regards to second-home owners’ right to vote. The second-home owners should not have the right to vote. Many projects would never get done in town. Look at Crossroads. The second-home owners have stalemated that project so their taxes won’t increase, and the center is rapidly becoming the town’s dump. Look at the businesses going out. No sales taxes or income for the town. If the second-home owners want to support the town, start shopping again, spend money, so local businesses can survive, and stop just being the takers. You bought into Vail because it was a thriving community. Let’s get back to that concept.

One vote, folks

I’m calling in regards to the article on whether second-home owners should have a right to vote or not. They should absolutely not. It’s ridiculous. You pick the place where you establish your residence, where it says you live on your license. You don’t have multiple addresses listed on your license if you own multiple real estate, do you? And that’s where you vote. You shouldn’t have your hand in a bunch of different communities just because you own property there. That would take more local control away, and allow an already bad government to deteriorate that much more.

An illegal alien

What these newspapers didn’t report about the Kobe Bryant “hit man” is this guy has been living illegally for quite a while in the U.S. – another expired visa, just like the 9-11 terrorists. You know, when people break the law, they aren’t “cream of the crop.” Pond scum also rises to the top. Why wasn’t this guy deported a long time ago? Instead he remained in the U.S. so he could threaten this girl.

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