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Mad in Minturn

I’m calling in regards to the Tipsline “Consider us, too” and it has to do with handicapped parking, and why the town hasn’t thought about it. Well, it seems to me is the only thing that the town thinks about is how to make it rough for the citizens for the town of Minturn to live. … Hopefully we’ll have a good election come April. Please register to vote, and bring back Minturn to the people.

What benefit?

My question is what benefit would be derived by the general public if VR is allowed to put wood turbines on Ptarmigan Ridge? And would lift ticket prices be subsidized as a result of the ultimate savings VR would receive by the placement of wood turbines or would the profit be VR’s alone? I believe that the placement of wood turbines on Ptarmigan Ridge would decrease and pollute the view, as has the clear cutting of ski runs and building of concessions at ski areas all over the United States. If the general public doesn’t benefit from it, don’t build it on public lands.

Where’s our reward?

Hey I’m just calling to see what the other Vail Resorts employees think of Adam Aron’s big bonus. We keep having these record years, and he can only muster a 2 percent raise for the last three years? That doesn’t even cover our insurance going up. We’re still losing money. He always talks about how valuable his employees are, and the locals are. How about a little respect? I agree with Gonzalo of the Minturn militia. If you keep messing with the local work force, hopefully, Adam, you will be moving on to greener pastures, like you deny. Pretty much you’re no good for this community or Vail Resorts. Beat it, chump.

Branch out

I have a suggestion, if they’re going to keep building all these sport stores, you know Christy Sports, and the new one by the old Wal-Mart. Why is it everybody’s turning down either a bowling alley for the kids and families to do something that can’t afford a lot of stuff or even a hobby shop, like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Just think of all the women up here that do all kinds of stitching and stuff. I have nothing against the new Wal-Mart, but they don’t have a big enough section for cross stitchers, or anything for the kids to do around here. Don’t you want the kids to grow up and enjoy and have something to do besides skiing when a lot of families can’t afford it?

Slap in the face

Words cannot express the absolute disgust I feel right now. Giving Adam Aron an $8 million bonus at the same time you’re giving employees a 12 percent increase in insurance is a huge slap in the face to us all. Thanks, VA, you can count on me to do my best every day.

Advice rankled

Richard Carnes did a column of advice to those who write letters to the Vail Daily. Here’s some advice to those who write columns for the Vail Daily. If you’re not good at it, give up.

Woe is us

My title is “a plea for mercy.” To the strong-armed King, Adam Aron: My men cannot work any

harder on such small rations. The bread you supply us is moldy, the water is stale, and our clothes are tattered. We are all tired and hungry. Winter is soon to take hold of our village. With the winter comes the need to heat our huts and warm our food. We all have a small concern on our mind. How will we scavenge wood for our fires and stoves on such low supplies? Our pockets are empty, and so are our children’s mouths. Please find it in your heart to spare us from our future of poverty and despair. Signed, The Peasants.

Taking our jobs

Wednesday, Sept. 17, on the front page it says “no work,” and it says “business workers are feeling the pinch of an uncertain economic future.” This article says nothing about our jobs being taken away by undocumented workers. Are you kidding me? Give me a break. …

Get real

I see another person crabbing about Alan Lanning and the way he does his job in Minturn. It reminds me of the people who scream when they get pulled over by the cops when they’re going 15 mph over the posted speed limit through town. You guys all have to remember, these people are doing the jobs they were hired to do by the town of Minturn, the people of Minturn. Alan Lanning has brought hundreds of thousands of grant money into this town, money that would normally come from property taxes or sales taxes. And what would you complainers rather have, a knowledgeable, capable, go-getter of a town manager who’s doing the job he was hired to do? Or some cow-towing puppet in his office who’s not worth the extra taxes that you’re going to be paying for him? Get real, and give the man the respect he deserves. He’s only doing his job.

I agree

I was reading the Sept. 17 paper, Tipsline, and there was a column on “There’s an answer” about boycotting VA, and I totally agree. These guys … don’t even know what to do with it and they need to be brought down to earth where most of this valley works very, very hard for their money. We try to keep our money in the Vail Valley, and with them giving discounts to Denver and with them laying off their people and doing all that, it’s just turning people away from Vail, so I say boycott it.

Sour grapes?

Regarding the letter by Mike Spaniola in Wednesday’s paper attacking Alan Braunholtz … Sour grapes, perhaps? What gives Spaniola the right to condemn Braunholtz as being a resident alien. Unless Spaniola is Native American, he himself is descended from people who were once alien interlopers on this continent. In reference to his request for more diverse views, this paper’s current collection of columnists is pretty even-handed. Alan Braunholtz is, at the very least, counter-balanced by the likes of the gung-ho Butch Mazzuca. Keep telling it like it is, Alan.

Call in the clergy

Since this is a company town, I wondered if the local clergy might have any interest in speaking out against Adam Aron’s business practices in light of the fact that so many Christians work for this company and are dependent upon his business decisions for their livelihood.

Part of the deal

As a very small stockholder with Vail Resorts, I was interested in a friend’s comments about how Adam Aron has just purchased lots in Bachelor Gulch and Red Sky Ranch, so I went down to the County Clerk’s Office and looked up those transactions on the public computer. Sure enough, Adam bought a lot in Bachelor this month for just under $650,000. Even more interestingly, on the same day he then sold the same lot to someone else for $2.9 million. That’s a very nice profit for holding the paper for less than 24 hours. Speaking as a stockholder, since we just gave Adam an $8 million bonus, which one would have assumed should have been reasonably satisfying, wouldn’t it have been more prudent for the company to sell that lot for the full price directly to the second party and let that profit fall to the company’s bottom line and possibly enhance the price of our shares? I guess that’s not the way the system works. It looks like the 14,000 employees and however many shareholders we have in this company are here solely to make one man happy and wealthy. Thanks again to our leader.

He needs to go

The stockholders of Vail Resorts need to realize that the community and his own employees do not want Adam Aron in charge any longer. He needs to go. Simple as that.

Saved the day

Kudos to Jim Heber of Dobson Ice Arena. When the Zamboni went down during the Dallas Star training camp, he did some quick thinking and went and got the Zamboni from the bubble. So thank goodness he made the Dallas Stars have a great training camp.

The good old days

I’m crying for help. There are still a few good people left in Eagle County that haven’t left this place because it’s gone to hell. We need George Gillette to come back. Come back, Auntie Em, come back. Buy Vail Resorts and make it Vail Associates again. Take us off the stock exchange and renew some of the attitude and camaraderie we used to have here. Those days are gone forever. I cherish them in my mind. I’m glad I was here when I got here. I got here a little late, but after 28 years, this mountain is a great mountain, but the community, because of Adam Aron and morons like him, has gone to … Come back, Auntie Em, come back..

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