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Just too much

I’m calling about Vail Associates raising the senior rate to $319. I think that’s outrageous. Two years ago it was $99, last year it was $150 if you had a ticket, or $200 if you didn’t, and this year it’s $319. It’s obvious Vail has more skiers than they need, and not only will they lose the senior skiers, but they will also lose the senior skiers’ children and grandchildren when they won’t bring them out. I’ve been coming out here since 1970 to ski. I guarantee that I won’t bring my kids and grandchildren out here anymore. I’ve lived here and had a home here for a number of years, and I may just go other places or just give up skiing completely. But I think it’s outrageous and I think people over 70 should protest to Vail Associates and boycott skiing and not bring their children and grandchildren out here.

Teaching to tests

Hey taxpayers. Would you like to get a glimpse of where your hard-earned tax dollars are being spent? They’re being spent on great teachers to give tests instead of to teach. I challenge you to ask more questions. How many days have our students been tested since school started? How are all our students feeling about spending the majority of these first few weeks of school being tested? Does testing or teaching lead to higher achievement? You might be surprised at the answers you hear.

Quinn right on

I’ve got to say the most important part of the Vail Daily is always letters and Tipsline. … Terry Quinn talked about Mr. Van Ens here, and Jesus. Unbelievable. I love your letters, Terry Quinn, and it’s amazing what the beggars have to say. I have an ex-Hawaiian buddy that says “there is no God”, but Terry you hit it right on the head, what do these beggars know? All they’ve done is beg all their life for money. Have they ever worked?

Over-70 angst

I have bad news for the “old-math” over-70 caller. The $20 ski pass increase is actually 6.69 percent above the $299 he paid last season. However, he missed the early bird price of $149. This season the early bird discount is not available, so $319 is 114 percent increase. We should fight back by delaying purchase until the last moment.

Slow lane

I was just wondering if anybody in this valley knows when Larry, Moe and Curly are going to be done putting in the half diamond exchange in Eagle-Vail, the most ridiculous road project I’ve ever seen to take this long.

Worth a try

This tip is in regard to the senior that was complaining about the price of senior ski passes. She mentioned that her husband had a heart problem. Vail Resorts offers a hugely discounted ski pass for people with handicaps or disabilities, and this may fall under that program. The number to call at Vail Resorts is 479-3264 to see if he qualifies for this great benefit.

Favorite doc

This is Hayley and I just have a comment for Dr. Rolle at Vail Valley Medical Center. … He is definitely the best OB/GYN in the state of Colorado and if anybody is looking for an OB/GYN, I definitely would recommend Dr. Rolle. He is the best in the west.

Sky high

In today’s issue there was an article about the summer flight program of American Airlines, how it was such a success. One thing’s that’s not mentioned though, the airplane fares for locals trying to fly out of here are still outrageously high, and in the future when some type of deal is negotiated with American Airlines, something should be included that provides for normal or cheaper rate tickets for locals or something reasonable, because right now, it’s just outrageous to try to fly out of here.

Don’t want to see

I tried to call the U.S. Forest service for comments on the wind turbines that Vail Resorts wants to erect. It would be fun to do that, to have an opinion and to be able to express it to someone, but unfortunately their phone number is disconnected, at least the one that was listed in the paper. As far as the wind turbines go, if they’re such a great idea, why don’t they put them on Vail mountain where they can see them better rather than where we that live in Eagle-Vail can see them. Also, it’s been my experience that when you give a permit for four, it has a chance to turn in to 40.

Part of the deal

Can you believe the Vail Town Council crying “woe is me” because of the I-70 truckers jake-braking through town? In the early years, our founding fathers embraced the building of I-70, knowing it would provide easy access to their dream ski mountain. The predictions for increased traffic along the corridor for the future are staggering. You know, maybe the noise will bring the property values back to reality. Maybe locals will be able to afford to live in Vail, if they choose not to be bothered by the traffic noise, which will get louder. What were people thinking when they bought property along the corridor? Did they think the road would get smaller? I have no mercy. You Vail property owners made your beds, now lie in them, and try to sleep despite the ever-growing I-70 noise.

Flies and Forest Service …

How out to lunch is the Forest Service? Numbers increasing on Vail Mountain and yet VA still pays the same amount for the permits to use our property, which is $2 million. More people skiing on the property, meaning you’re using the property more, you should pay more. VA is not paying any more for our property, because they wish to do what they want to do with our property and control our properties to their best interest. I’m sorry, but burying trash on Vail Mountain is not appropriate. They buried the old gondola steel rods and concrete on the old gondola pillars, they’ve gone up to Blue Sky and left trash all over, and they don’t clean it up. They shut down the road where they had the wetlands, but do they go through every year and plant new species there? New trees? Protect the Columbine flowers and its native wetland areas? No. I’ve seen bales of moss, 50 bales of moss in their original bales from 2000. Why? Being in their original bales is not going to do any good. Once you get them out of the bales they might do something for the environment. All the Forest Service wants to do is complain about a few kids having a good time at the end of the year, but meanwhile they took a lawnmower and just destroyed the front of the mountain. I don’t think VA is paying for that permit, and they get a bunch of sheep in the back crapping all over the place to cut the grass down because they don’t have the manpower or the know-how to keep the property managed properly. I don’t like going on the back side of the mountain in July because I get attacked by flies and other types of insects because of the frickin’ sheep. Now let me check, this is a resort town, you’re supposed to go out and enjoy the back country, and not get attacked by flies, and the Forest Service’smismanagement of our property. You think I’m wrong, go ahead, tell me I’m a jerk, but my name is Paul, and I’ve lived here for the past nine years, and I haven’t seen anything beneficial that the Forest Service has done the community out of VA’s line. None. Zero.

He doesn’t care

This is to all those people that expect Adam Aron to give dime one back to the community. What are you guys smoking, anyway? He doesn’t give a … about us, and it’s pretty obvious, so quit worrying about it.

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