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Still frustrated

I’m calling about the post office situation. I also believe it is still a mess. I also had to go out of town recently for a death in the family, had to take care of the family estate, and while I was gone my post office box had been locked. When I came back I stood in line very patiently, even though there’s only one clerk manning the desk. By the time I got there, I showed them my driver’s license with an Avon ID and also my business card which has an Avon address, and they still would not give me my mail. Now there’s a fine line between following rules and common sense. I’ve gone to the Avon post office at least twice a week for the last 15 years, so I’m a regular customer. They should have a little bit of common sense instead of always following the rules blindly. I think it’s very bad service and I think people complaining about the post office in the paper using public forum instigates change and I think it’s a good change. So if you don’t like it, maybe you should move to Iraq or something.

That was dumb

Here’s a tip for the Town of Vail: If you want to make a good impression on guests and wanting them to return, DO NOT CLOSE the only public bathroom in town during the busiest, most popular street festival of the year (Oktoberfest)! Two Porta Potties were installed in the place of the closed restrooms near the Vail ticket office. They obviously had never been serviced. They gave new meaning to the saying “fill it to the rim.” Vail claims to be a world-class resort community – you’d better start acting like it. This maneuver left a terrible impression, with both locals and guests.

Bubble for town

I’m looking at Friday. Sept. 19, about braking the jakes because of the noise, and then it says flat ridiculous, a trucker describes it. Are you kidding me? That building they built on the Mountain School there? That thing’s going to get ripped to shreds. There’ll be accidents. I mean, you need a jake brake. I think they should put a bubble around the whole town, you know like that bubble out on the golf course for the hockey players? They should put a bubble around the whole town of Vail so they can keep their pristine, beautiful little town intact without anybody every upsetting anyone there. That would be the best thing to do.

Had to call someone

It was so exciting to see Chicago Ridge, Colorado, highlighted in the October issue of Skiing magazine. Hope you all get a chance to make it over there and try that Cat skiing, the oldest in the state.

Get Summit prices

I would just like people to be able to read the gas prices when you show your weekly comparison of gas prices around the state, if they could include something from Summit County, because only then can we truly see the price gouging that’s going on in the Vail Valley, when you compare the 30 cent difference price differential.

Not fair

I agree with the “Branch out” Tipsline that you have in the paper that we have a Christy Sports, why do we need a Gart Brothers. We do need a bowling alley or hobby shop, or something for kids to go. Everybody can’t afford to go skiing like people think. Just because it’s a ski town doesn’t mean we all are skiers. C’mon guys, think of the kids up here, too, besides just the sports people.

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