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Doesn’t seem fair

So let me get this straight. For Vail Resorts outstanding performance that now infamous year, Adam Aron received $8 million.

For Vail Resorts’ outstanding performance that same year, we the workers received: The heartbreak of seeing 37, then another 50, and then another five of our workmates laid off; the order to reduce our operating budgets by 20 percent and then more, and then even more; no bonuses; a 12 percent increase in our insurance premiums; the pleasure of seeing our co-pays and deductibles go up as much as 150 percent; a mandatory order to take a minimum of two weeks off, with only 50 percent pay; raises that don’t even begin to cover increases in the cost of living; the frustration of seeing some of our hourly workmates work 60-plus hours a week for weeks on end when they were needed, and then when their work slowed down a bit, lose their health benefits for three months because they didn’t meet minimum requirements. And the list goes on and on.

Now, I know that Mr. Aron is a CEO, but he doesn’t work any harder or work longer hours than we do. And with his salary and his housing paid for, he certainly doesn’t need to worry about how he’s going to scrape together enough money to pay for all of the increased out-of-pocket expenses.

I also know that he didn’t pay himself this bonus, but you can bet your booty that he was a major part of that negotiating process.

You know I always thought that the old saying went, “You can’t get something for nothing.” Well, Vail Resorts has updated that phrase for their front line employees. It now says, “At Vail Resorts, you get nothing for something.”

Till there’s no more

I would not be surprised if VRI gets rid of insurance altogether. The positions for people who have been here and worked for a long time keep getting cut, while the new busloads of kids still on their parents’ insurance plans keep coming in and taking those positions. I think that Vail will continue to get rid of insurance benefits. As they say, they do not need to offer it to be competitive.

Giving away country

I just want to shout out to all the people who have been calling in about illegal immigrants. I’m glad everybody is speaking up, finally, and speaking up for our rights as Americans. We’ve given up enough of this country, and we need to take away some of the services that illegal immigrants are getting that we’re paying for out of our pocket.

Regular as … mail?

I would just like to add a tidbit of information, being a Vail resident for the past six years. I am just appalled by the mail system in this valley. Sometimes you’ll get a letter within two days, sometimes four days, sometimes it will be a week, sometimes you won’t get it at all. I was recently expecting an important document. Never got it at all.

Our mail comes at infrequent times all day, sometimes noon, sometimes 5, sometimes the mailman just doesn’t come and comes the next day. This just appalls me that this goes on in a town the prestige of Vail and no one seems to ever say anything about it. I’ve spoken to other people, and I’m not the only one who faces this.

So when?

I’m calling from Village Center. I hope you can hear all this noise in the background. I’m dealing with hardcore construction going on from 7 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening here, and I’d just like to say, whoever made the rules, I guess the Town Council, about construction going on all hours, seven days a week during the off season, had a very, very bad idea.

I work at a local business here, and I’ve lost several customers due to the fact that I cannot open my doors, I cannot open my windows, I have smoke and noise pouring in, my store becomes way too hot and people leave.

So please, Town Council, rethink what you’re doing when you allow construction to go on like this. I do understand that Vail is in a constant state of refurbishment. But in the same respect, we have to get business done in our retail businesses as well to make the town function.

Fun’s leaving town

I’m calling to comment on the letter yesterday about the Vail Recreation District. It seems to me that they’re going down for the third time, and they’re just trying to say goodbye on the way down. You might as well look down to Gypsum and that way, because that’s where recreation in the valley is going to end up.

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