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Doesn’t fit stereotype

I was wondering if anyone else in the valley was horrified by the article which suggested that Vail Resorts was trying to conserve the property by Gilman, and that’s what the lawsuit was about. It is ridiculous to assume that a company that is nothing more than a glorified real estate empire would have any such conservation in mind. I find it appalling that they are trying to twist that situation into anything but what it really is, which is their attempt to develop the area behind Blue Sky Basin and to create more real estate revenues. I find it again appalling that they would try to play on our emotions while they continue to fleece the valley.

So move

Here’s a tip for the Geritol set here in la-la land. It’s not our problem you bought your Teutonic boxes 50 yards from the freeway. If you don’t like the noise associated with I-70, you can just move to the ultra-boring Deer Valley, or Yellowstone Club, with all the other old …

They work very hard

My name is Amanda Beasley. I am the new head dance team coach at Battle Mountain High School for 2003-04. I would just like to make a comment concerning the girls. A lot of the peers, coaches, teachers and parents do not realize how much these girls work, sweat, get bruises, sweat through tears and work hours and hours a week to perfect what they do. They are considered just as much a part of the high school athletic department as every other team. Just concerning our pep rally that we had today, I think a comment was made by another peer, a coach, of all people, who maybe said something that hurt their feelings. These girls work harder than any other team I have seen in my 18 years of taking dance and teaching dance. I just want to say how proud I am of them, what great, very enthusiastic girls they are, and extremely outgoing. Thank you so much for your time.

A critic

I hope the voters are paying attention. Kent Logan announced his candidacy as running with a business-only coalition. After the two-member coalition fell apart, he took an ad out in the Vail Daily stating that his platform was community first. What will Kent Logan’s platform be next week? Be aware of candidates who will say anything for your vote.

Bitter pill

As a company, Vail Resorts is reminiscent of U.S. companies in the 1800s. The railroads come to mind that took advantage of the nation’s resources. In Vail Resorts’ case, the national forest. And to hell with the employees and the people in the communities where Vail Resorts operates. This attitude of Vail Resorts is getting worse and worse. When are the employees of Vail Resorts going to wake up and organize? With a good labor union and a contract, the terminations of the last three years and the current new health plan might not have happened. At least, it would have been negotiated. Vail Resorts only takes. It appears to give when it wants something, but the giving is only an illusion. Every word in the Tipsline “Doesn’t seem fair” of Saturday, Oct. 4, is true. The people of Vail will join you. Organize. Picket. Now.

Get the kids skiing

First I want to thank the Vail Daily for having the guts to continue Tipsline to allow people to freely voice their views. Yes, people do abuse the Tipsline by saying bad things, but it does allow people to get stuff off their chest. I’m calling and responding to a Wednesday, Oct. 1, Tipsline where the paragraph was listed as “Not fair.” I agree with that person that we definitely have to get a place for kids to go like they suggested, a bowling alley or hobby shop. They’re saying that everybody can’t afford to go skiing like people think, and just because it’s a ski town doesn’t mean we are all skiers. I would like to add to this person’s comment that VA needs to take the leadership role in this. There’s no excuse like kids that don’t have a chance, whether they’re Hispanic or blue collar, or some working-class parent’s kids, why they can’t have a chance to ski. Why would a kid want to grow up and be a lift operator if they don’t have any familiarity with the mountain? VA is missing the boat and missing an opportunity on fostering a culture in this valley. It used to be where everybody skied, and families met on the mountain, but everybody’s working so much I guess it’s not possible. How do they expect people to buy in to supporting the mountain, working at the mountain, or even just giving some time to the mountain, whether it’s volunteers like the World Cups or whether it’s to get a job there? We need to develop the culture where we’re coming from. We’re about skiing. …

Chad Fleischer and the Seiberts where they will feed into the U.S. Ski Team and every skier could be from Vail and Beaver Creek. Think about it, guys. They ought to provide free skiing for kids from the day they’re able to get on the slopes until the day they graduate from high school, Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain. It should be inclusive. Maybe even have a shuttle for kids to get them to the mountain because parents have to work. I realize this is a little earth-breaking idea, but maybe they should think about this. It would be a great way to improve their image, which needs improving by the way.

All the answers

I’m calling after seeing the Minturn Town Council meeting on TV. Quite interesting. Why do they need such a big government for such a small town? They’re going to lower our water consumption and raise our rates? They need to make it easier for businesses to do business instead of being so hard to get along with. Then, one guy shows up in there, he’s going to start a coffee shop, with no parking plan. Doesn’t he need one parking spot for every four seats? Also, if they got rid of the town manager, they’d save 60 grand a year. And how about the police force? Maybe they could do away with one cop. Hey, that’s 100,000 bucks right there. Damn. What a concept.

Unfair forum

I think the Tipsline is a really cheap way for people to be able to manipulate their own opinion and agendas. I think it’s a really unfair forum. All in all, I really think Adam Aron has done a great job for the valley. He’s brought tourism here, lots of business, and we should really be thankful.

Misses the point

I suppose it was worth mentioning Chad Fleischer’s retirement from the World Cup circuit last week, but the gushing from Don Rogers’ editorial was yet another example of style over substance. Chad may have been the most hyped skier in the history of the sports. Where are the results? A sixth place finish at the World Championships? Perhaps if he had spent as much time training as he spent getting his hair dyed, and signing sponsorship deals, he would have had better results. Instead, Fleischer joins such immortals as Brian Bosworth in the trash heap of unfulfilled athletic promise. At least Sarah Schleper keeps both feet on the ground in her efforts to match the European superstars. The sad thing is the hype Chad helped perpetuate only makes us fall that much harder.

Great, thanks!

Today is Tuesday, Oct. 7. I’d like to thank Sema Construction for effectively shutting down Eagle-Vail today, closing Eagle Road and the west end of Stone Creek was another brilliant move on their part.

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