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Learn your trails, lady

I’d like to leave a tip for the hikers that were on the West Lake Creek jeep road yesterday afternoon, Monday, Oct. 6.

My son and I were riding our dirt bikes up the road, which we have a legal right to do, and this lady decided that she was going to stand in the middle of the trail to protest the speed we were going, which was not excessive at all. We slowed way down to go past these people, yet she crowded us to where we nearly could have had an accident, or could have hurt her by hitting her. As I went by, she yelled out a very familiar expletive to me and my son, and she acted very perturbed that we were there and breaking her silence and interfering with her little walk.

I’d just like to leave the tip to hikers, which I am one: I love to backpack, more than just about anything, probably even more than I love to ride my dirt bike, but there are certain Forest Service numbered roads and trails. A 3 numbered road is a road. It’s legal for motorized vehicles and it’s not restricted to hikers, but it’s not exclusive to hikers. A 4 numbered trail restricts motorcycles or any other motorized vehicles from using that trail. East Lake Creek trail is a 4 numbered trail. West Lake Creek trail is a 3 numbered road.

If the people who were hiking yesterday do not want to see motorcycles, or 4 wheelers, or 4 wheel drives, then they need to figure out to hike only on the 4 numbered trails, which are just as beautiful as the 3 numbered jeep roads, and they are designated as jeep roads.

Participate in The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project is an annual campaign to help educate readers about what it takes to live a long, fulfilling life in our valley. This year Kevin shares his story of hope and celebration of life with his presentation Cracked, Not Broken as we explore the critical and relevant topic of mental health.

So I’d just like for these people to get a clue, because standing in the middle of a trail is not the way to go, and next time will probably land you in the hospital.

Hang in there

This is directed towards the accuser, little gal 19 years old in Eagle County that had the unfortunate situation to run into Kobe. I just want to say, keep your strength up, kiddo. I’m a victim of sexual assault myself. Just keep it up and don’t let them beat you down. You know what you did, you know what’s right, keep up the good work. There are a lot of people behind you. I don’t know who you are; it’s not Mayberry. Whether right or wrong, you’ve gone through way too much. Keep up the good work and God bless.

I’ll watch if I want to

Here’s a tip for Del Sharp on his letter about too much TV. Ever hear of freedom of speech? You know, Del, there are two knobs on your TV. You can either change the channel or turn it off. But don’t tell me what to watch. I’ll bet you’d burn books if you didn’t like what was in them either.

Nowhere to ride

I’d like to talk about not being able to ride my dirt bike around Eagle like I used to, and people telling me where I can’t do something. It would be nice if they told me where I can ride my dirt bike. Now, though, would it be possible to synchronize the traffic signals in Eagle so that maybe we could get through both of them at one time instead of having to stop at one or the other?

So yield already

I’d like to comment on all the idiots that come off of the interstate with the yield sign. Aren’t they supposed to stop and then see if any traffic is coming and then get on the road? Come on. These people are too much. They have the yield sign and they still cut off people. No wonder there are so many accidents. Why don’t these people get a clue?

What’s he look like?

I just wanted to say that if there’s an alleged child molester around here or someone who’s allegedly flashing children, I think you should put their picture in the paper with the article.

Helps to read

I’m calling just to comment and I’m kind of curious about why more people have not gotten angry in the valley about the DMV driver’s license that we have to go to Glenwood Springs for that. We’re supposedly a wealthy valley. What’s going on here?

Editor’s note: As reported often when it happened, the state government cut the Avon office out of its budget a year ago.

Just better lookin’

I just wanted to comment on the photography that you guys use to separate the Republicans from the Democrats.

I’m not a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, but it seems like the Vail Daily always runs these horrible pictures of George Bush with his mouth open, and these wonderful pictures of liberals and Democrats, and I think it shows the bias that your editors have. Take that for what it’s worth and thank you for allowing me to comment.

Glory hound

I want to know who made Mike Cacioppo Kobe Bryant’s attorney. Watching him on TV sure was a funny thing to see. That gentleman sure is in dire need of attention.

Scheme for rich folks

Amendment 33 would put slot machines in race tracks that would take money from poor people to benefit rich people in resort towns. The slot machines should be put in a location that would benefit. Like the Marriott, Ritz Carlton, the Hyatt, Mid-Vail, Spruce Saddle, Aspen, Steamboat, etc.

Makes me sick

I just read the item “Bad brakes” in your Tipsline and I have to say I am sick to my stomach. I feel horrible for the person that lost their dog, but I am extremely angry at the person that would write such a letter that obviously was meant to try and get ahold of this person that had not paid their doctor bills. At first glance, it appears to be an apology for killing their dog, but it seems to be so demented in it’s description of the dog’s death. I find it in very, very poor taste. It makes me just question this person’s sanity level. It seems very manipulative and very insensitive and I just had to make a comment about it.

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