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Could have been a kid

This is in regards to “Bad brakes” and Snowshoe the dog who was hit and killed evidently by the person riding the bike. My comment is this: I read your Tipsline item about your accident with Snowshoe with a heavy heart for all involved. A trail used by pedestrians, skaters and bicyclists is a shared trail, and yes, a leash may have prevented this accident. But what if Snowshoe had been my child and you had not been able to stop and hit my child. I believe pedestrians have the right of way.

Underage drinking OK

I’m reading Wednesday’s paper about the kids who got suspended for drinking. What is wrong with these kids? Unbelievable. Nothing’s wrong with these kids. They’re normal kids. I think it’s important for our school district to recognize age, and when it comes time to drink at age 21, they’re just thrown from the frying pan into the fire. Did Mr. Ketteridge drink when he was in high school? Maybe you should ask him that. Maybe you should ask all the teachers at Battle Mountain High School who did not drink until age 21, and give them the sainthood award. Kids, don’t get caught, be a little smarter, and I think the school should have mixers with a keg and teach the kids how to drink responsibly. After all, isn’t that what school’s all about? It’s for learning.

What a deal

So I’m reading that Vail Resorts sold to Adam Aron Lot 99, Filing 3, in Bachelor Gulch Village, for $646,000, and he turned around and sold the same lot for $2.9 million, as if the $8 million wasn’t enough. Great. I’m so glad I don’t work for that company anymore.

Listen up

Just calling to say that I love the feel and I love the sound of the jake brake at 3 in the morning through the Colorado Rockies. My name is John T. Trucker. Thank you, Vail, for your hospitality.

Bicyclist’s fault

I’m calling regarding the Tipsline on “Bad brakes” on Oct. 10. You broke my heart, and it broke my heart because I’m a dog owner. First of all, I’d like to say to Snowshoe and her owner, my deepest condolences. My big gripe here is the gentlemen sounded so sincere in the first part of the call, but I will tell you that I walk with my dogs every day, and I start out behind Riverwalk, and I only have to walk a few hundred yards until my dogs are in “open space” and they can run. The days of “on your right,” “on your left,” the days of identifying yourself are gone. These people do not let you know, and if they see that you see them coming, these bikers seem to roll through and think it’s a bike path. It’s a recreational path. And for the guy on bad brakes, I’m very sorry, but you need to lick your wounds. That was your responsibility to look around the corner. What if that had been a woman with a newborn child and you had hit that baby and killed that baby? Who would be suing who? All you wannabe Tour de Francers, get over it, and get considerate, because it’s not a bike path, it is a recreation path. Thank you very much, Tipsline, for taking my call.

No justice here

I’ve worked in Eagle County for 28 years. I’ve been in business for 22 years, and I think this Brandon Outlaw case is just about as disgusting as the Kobe Bryant case. How can you hurt all these people, and then slap him on the wrist. I think both these judges need to go to jail. What is wrong with these people? He needs to pay back every single penny. I work for these people, and just to see how sad they are, how do you steal all this money and just get away with it? You judges should be disbarred. There is no justice in Eagle County, much less in this United States. How do people commit crimes like that? You judges should be ashamed of yourselves.

Good job, Daily

Your paper seems to be a real paper – done the right way – as opposed to the New York and L. A. Slimes papers! I sincerely appreciate your, like Fox News, fair and balanced reporting. Further, I sincerely hope your rewards are large and continuing for a job well done. Larry Lindley, Caldwell, Texas.

Dorsey’s revenge

Ah hah! I see that Jim Dorsey, philosopher, a local Vail Daily author and an extremely well-read man, has written his latest chapter of his book, “The World According To Dorsey.” I am sure that Mr. Dorsey did NOT sleep through his American civics class, just as I am sure that Jim Dorsey was the main subject of columnist Richard Carnes’ “What Not To Do As A Letter Writer” column awhile back. “Revenge.” What a sweet Dorsey word. By the way, I agreed with Richard Carnes and his column “No Should Really Mean No, Yes?” and I did stay awake in my civics classes – for whatever that is worth. Sincerely, HM, Gypsum

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