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Bunch of wool

I would like to put in the Tipsline that I think it should be stated: Ex-sheep rancher pulls the wool over taxpayers’ eyes. Enough said.

It’s the law

A reminder to everyone, it is a state law that you must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, particular students. When you see those white lines crossing the road and you see a pedestrian at them, you need to stop and let them cross.

Support and outrage

I’m calling for two reasons, first to voice my support for the Eagle County Commissioners to continue to push for Bair Ranch. I think it’s a wonderful project and a very good use of taxpayer dollars to preserve the last great ranch and most visible ranch along the I-70 corridor. I’m also calling because I’m outraged at Kaye Ferry and her fledgling organizations trying to take this as license fees and use them as overhead expenses like her salary and renting office space from the Town of Vail, and not using them for marketing programs like those dollars were initially intended.

In addition, they’re charging dues this year, so business license holders in the town of Vail don’t get the right to the merchant ski pass and other benefits that they got last year for the same business license fee.

I can’t believe that the Vail Town Council hasn’t figured out that the $200,000 they’re giving to the VCBA is just money thrown at the wind.

Hotel rules?

I’d like to leave you a message. Since I’ve been in hotel operations for 36 hotels in Disney, Orlando, Miami and South Beach, wherever. I

‘d like to know what this young lady was doing above the floors. Employees in our hotels, in our book of instructions there are very valid rules, they are not allowed anywhere above the floors, they’re not ever allowed, whether they have a guest inviting them up, such as Kobe did.

I want to know what she was doing up there. Certainly she wasn’t up there to read the Gideon Bible.

I think it’s really necessary for someone to look into why she was there at the time she was there. We don’t allow any employees, not even room service females, to go above the floors at any time, only the maids, hotel operations.

This seems to me a valid question as to why she was there. I don’t know who was guilty or not guilty, but if we found a female above our floors in a guest’s room they would be relieved of duties immediately.

That’s why we have security on elevators, to keep these young, dazzled females away from the floors where we have guests. I think it’s really the hotel’s fault she was there. Whatever happened, it’s a very, very sad thing.

What’s in a sign?

This is a response to the article in the Tipsline that says “So yield, already” about stopping at yield signs. Well, if you were supposed to stop at a yield sign, it would be a stop sign, not a yield sign. Maybe you should go back and look in your driver’s manual and study the signs.

What a mess

This is to the individual who dumped all their Styrofoam on Highway 6 between Gypsum and Eagle. You need to go back and pick up your mess. You also deserve a hefty fine for littering, and where were the police? Don’t tell me the police were busy with the Kobe Bryant preliminary hearing, because this is the day after, but it’s disgusting to see all that littering.

Ferry should run

If Kaye Ferry had any balls, she’d be on the ballot. It’s time for her to put up or shut up.

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