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Health hazard

Steve Zorichak, that was an awesome letter Oct. 20 on magnesium chloride. The Minturn town manager is the only one who kept it off our roads and I think the smartest thing for our county commissioners to do is to work on getting magnesium chloride off our roads. It’s amazing what toxic substances they’ve put in our lungs, and they talk about drugs.

Bring back Saabs

I’m a 21-year-old local of Vail, I’ve lived here all my life, and it’s always been a common thing to see the police Saabs around. Why do we need to look like everyone else? It’s just $30 extra and we can’t afford that? We’re Vail, for God’s sake. … Why do we want to be so intimidating to tourists that come here and spend at least $15,000 for four members of a family. Why do we want to make these Ford vehicles look like a task force? These Saab vehicles are more user friendly. For tourists, why do police even want to do that? Why do we want to look like Gestapos and lower the class that Vail is supposed to be at?

Dangerous habit

You’ve heard of Bob the builder? What about Bob the burner? I was recently doing some physical therapy at a location down here in Edwards when I was looking out the window I noticed a construction worker coming out of the new ambulance storage that they’re building out here. When he came out he was smoking a cigarette. No big deal, but what was a bigger deal was he didn’t even mind to put the cigarette out. He just threw it right into the weeds, like it was no big deal.

What’s going on?

I got something to say in regards to “Minturn residents want more say in development.” How do people get on the Planning and Zoning and they don’t even own property in town? What business do they have being on Planning and Zoning? That’s just for starters. Second of all, how did the Enclave get built way out of line, way too high, infringing the views of the people across the street? That place is a non-conforming development, and it’s illegally built. What’s going on in Minturn? When that election comes in April, we’ll see some changes, and we’ll put Minturn back to where it should be, and I wish all of you a lot of luck. Enforce your laws.

Flicking their butts

I was just calling to put out a little reminder to all the smokers in the valley to let them know that their habit is disgusting enough to start with, but I’m tired of seeing smokers flicking their cigarette butts into Gore Creek, any parking lot they feel like out the window of their car or wherever they feel like putting them. They need to be reminded that that is littering just as any other garbage is and they should be fined for it. I personally will write down license plate numbers and descriptions and try to turn them in if I can. It’s disgusting and it needs to stop.

Entertain me

I’m calling about there’s nothing to do in Avon, or even in Minturn. Why don’t they put a bowling alley in Avon or Minturn? Or even put a casino with a bowling alley where the parents can go gamble and the kids can go bowling. I think the kids will really enjoy that. I know they have it down in New Mexico, and I know a lot of kids go there to bowl, and the parents go to gamble. I think that’s a great idea, since there’s nothing to do here in Avon or Minturn.

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