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Not worth energyTo the people calling for mandatory roadside pickup for recyclables, you should first check out the facts and realize that more energy and money is sued to recycle those than is saved by recycling those materials. We can save more by just trying to use more wisely, but I’m not going to stop you from recycling if you want to pursue this futile interest, but just don’t make us do these sort of things, as well.Town’s off-trackI have to say I’m pretty upset that Mayor Wolfe and the Avon Town Council are wasting their time and taxpayers’ dollars working on a law that basically won’t be enforced against Union Pacific. What a waste of time. Where the money should be spent is by the developer to create a better solution than at-grade crossings. … Not for youI want to give a tip to the cop who parked in the handicapped spot today. Did you know that when you went into the Subway at the Christie Lodge, there was a poor handicapped person in their car and that was the only handicapped spot available. …Vail, Colorado

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Downsize Minturn

Our town government grows, and their benefits increase, while the citizens are facing hard times with talks of another water rate increase and possible tax hikes. That just affects the citizens and the businesses that are already struggling. Let’s downsize our government and quit taking more from the people and businesses of this town.

Been reported, often

Here’s a tip for the Vail Daily reporters and letter writers who keep calling Bair Ranch a working ranch. If you had any smarts and you could pick up a phone and do some minimal research, you’d find the Bairs sold their sheep over a year ago. This is no working ranch. They want us to give them $2 million of our county’s money so folks from all over the world can crawl all over that land and hunt, and have fun, while we get a big fat “no trespassing” sign put up in our faces.

Squeaky wheel

The jake brake issue clearly shows how the Vail Town Council thinks negatively and not proactively. Why in a million years would anyone vote for something that would create an unsafe environment along the I-70 corridor? Instead of fining somebody for being safe, they should create some provision to allow the town to vote on possibly building berms along the corridor or sound barriers such as you see in Silverthorne and out in East Vail. I for one have lived along the I-70 corridor, and although I am bothered by noise, I take pride in the fact that we have a fairly decent safety record along the I-70 corridor.

Don’t lollygag

While we’re on the subject of overlooked rules of the road, might we remind everyone that when you get on to an expressway, you have to yield to the traffic that’s already on the expressway, and not just lollygag your way onto the highway like you have the right to get on.

Stay on right

On the jake brake issue, I have said it before and I will say it again. Truckers do NOT belong in the passing lane. They belong in the right lane, with a maximum speed limit of 55 mph. If this were the case, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about them using their jake brakes, because they would always be at a controlled speed. Stay in the right lane where you belong.

Rough life

I came here for the skiing, but now I am having trouble justifing the experince, can’t find any parking and the front range people get cheaper tickets than I can. I try to conserve water in these dry times, but the town now say’s I need more landscaping at my house, trees and such, just like the burning houses in California have, or should I say had? I keep getting charged for water I don’t use because I never hit the minimum usage, so guess I need to use more water, maybe wash my truck more or something. I so graciously donated my time and money to one of the many fund-raisers, only to have the local police humiliate me by the side of the road, then act irritated because I was sober. I am afraid to paint my house for fear that the county will again raise my property valuation higher than I could ever sale the house place for. I have to drive to Glenwood to get my driver’s license renewed, cause the DMV can’t afford to have a location within the county, but I guess now I can drive by the Bair Ranch project and wave at my new county funded RV park-dude ranch. The reasons for leaving this place are starting to outweighing the reasons to stay. This is not a community, it is a collection of individuals with special interests.

Editor’s note: An easement funded in part by the county would preclude an RV park development.

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