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So earn your way

I’m calling to respond to everybody who’s writing about Adam Aron and how much money he makes. That’s how much CEOs make, and they should go look it up. Most CEOs make more than he does. If they don’t like it, find a job that will pay you more money. Until then, get back to work.

Deal with it

My tip is about the person complaining about the jake brakes coming off Vail Mountain. I have a few points, the first point being the town was built before the highway was built, first of all. Second of all, you knew you were buying where you were buying your house, that it was going to be near the freeway and you were going to have highway noise. Another point that I have here is I’d like to know if that gentlemen has ever ridden down a 10,000 foot mountain with 17 tons pushing him down the mountain. The reason why those brakes are smoking is because they’re trying to slow down all that weight. Without having the jake brake, what would happen is you would rely on your regular brakes too much, and by the time you used them they would be so burned out you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. My advice to this gentlemen is to stop whining about it. You live in a resort town. A little bit of noise from the freeway should be something you are able to live with it. Think about it, there are people all over this world who would love to live where you’re living right now, and you think they’d be complaining about noise from the highway?

Mad about ticket

You don’t have to print the part that I’m really, really mad, but I would like you to print how upset I am that the Avon Police Department finds time to give out parking citations to teachers who are working late, even though they’re not getting paid to work late, and the parking lot is filled with other cars that are parked. I’m just frustrated because the cops are not around when you get mugged or raped in Avon, but they’re around to give out a simple parking citation to a teacher who is working hard at night and late at night, and doesn’t even have a good parking spot for it.

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