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Leave it at 5

I’m calling in regards to Tony Ryerson’s letter to the editor regarding “No upgrade.” I agree 100 percent with no new development for Sundown Bowl. It will spoil the whole bowl. Also, I do disagree with him on one thing. We’d like to see an upgrade on Chair 5, and let’s leave it at that. That’s going to bring more skiers to that area which is not a good idea.

Company e-mail, time

I’m calling about the article in the paper about the Sheriff’s Department with the T-shirts and why I disagree with the fact that the sheriff did say that his employees can do whatever they want to away from their job, and I don’t believe that was the case. I believe they e-mailed on company e-mail, and that would mean they were not doing something away from their job. The other point is they’re not donating money if they’re buying the T-shirts at cost. If the cost of the T-shirt was $7, then how, like the sheriff said, are they donating money for their cause? That’s BS and I think the people in the office shouldn’t have done what they did.


I am completely disgusted by the whole T-shirt situation. It’s just like we all thought growing up – most of the cops are just racist … . There are a few good guys out there, and a few heroes. But having a shirt with a hangman on the front of it referring to Kobe Bryant just confirms what we’ve all known all along. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office should be ashamed of themselves.

Not a fan

How in the hell did Richard Carnes get his editorial, whatever, column? He’s such an idiot. I’ve been here for a year and a half, and I have yet to read one of his columns that actually makes sense that I can make it the whole way through without my eyes glazing over and me thinking of something else. Oh my gosh, he needs to go back to English 101 and learn how to write a proper essay format. You know, beginning, middle, conclusion, not going off on a sidetrack on all these other things. He’s an idiot! How do you guys do this? I have yet to find someone who even likes his column. Anyway, just had to say that.

End open space tax

If Commissioner Menconi is going to be stupid enough to continue to support the Bair Ranch deal, the voters of Eagle County should find a way to repeal the open space tax.

She got it right

I’d like to compliment Diana Donovan in her comment on the parking, “The town is becoming more unfriendly.” And these other two council members who want to jack up the tickets, you guys need to vote them out of office. I’d also like to put in my two cents in about the officer who gave a ticket out in Avon for 6 mph over the limit. It’s amazing he even got out of the doughnut shop to issue a ticket. I recommend Edwards, even Minturn, where people are a little more friendly and care about people a little more. When it comes time to go out and spend your money, spend it somewhere else.

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