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About time

I’m glad somebody finally took that golden retriever roadside ornament off the road straight across from Public Works there. It was only there for what, two weeks? Thanks.

What a guy

It’s good to see the Miller Ranch critic, the builder, takes such pride in his work at Miller Ranch.

Senior bonanza

We have snow and I-have just searched the Vail Resorts web page. Boy am I excited: VR has given special recognition to the elderly. It has made us more valuable! -This year VR has a Senior season pass for-those over 70. I am 77 years old. when I was 70, the pass came free. Last year it was $149. This year it will be $319. This makes me worth twice what I was worth last year and 319% more than I was 7 years ago! At this rate, I will be worth 1000 per cent more when I am 80. By way of thanks, Aaron, if I ever make the passage to the great beyond, I’ll try to make sure that the price of your pass to get in is raised accordingly.

Some teacher

This is in reference to the comment titled “Mad about a ticket.” I’m curious if the person who called in is an Avon school teacher. That’s what is indicated in in what she said. What I’m getting out of this is that she thinks that if you’re caught doing something wrong, then you should scream and yell and throw a temper tantrum, but never admit that you were wrong and never take the punishment like you are supposed to. I’m wondering if this Avon teacher teaches this to her children.

So don’t look

This is to the person that has a problem with doctors posing for the “Undressed” calendar. If doctors are not accepting of their own bodies, how can you or anyone else expect them to be accepting of yours, and would you want to think about your doctor judging the shape of your body other than from a health-based position? If you have a problem with seeing nude people of any particular profession, I suggest you stop looking at things in which you might see nude people. This is your problem. Do you appreciate it when others try to impose their morality on you? I’m guessing not.

Those docs are hot!

Those doctors from Steadman Hawkins that posed in the Undressed Calendar. They are hot! I’m 54 years old. I think they looked wonderful. If somebody doesn’t like doctors being in there, why did they even bother looking at the calendar? I think it was great.

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